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Supplemental Capital for Credit Unions

Credit unions are again pushing the boundary of the nonprofit, tax-subsidized credit union business model to unfairly compete with banks with the introduction of the Capital Access for Small Businesses and Jobs Act (H.R. 719) by Reps. Peter King (R-NY) and Brad Sherman (D-CA). H.R. 719 directly undermines the basis of the credit union tax-exemption by allowing a credit union to issue equity, turning them into, in part, investor-owned corporations with an obligation to assure shareholder profit — except that they will still not pay taxes.

Raising supplemental capital allows credit unions to expand like any for-profit entity. But they are not the same as any for-profit entity, a distinction that is codified in federal law. Combined with their continued push for greater member business lending authorization, investor capital will give multi-billion-dollar, tax-exempt credit unions the opportunity to stray further into riskier commercial lending ventures – something never intended when they were given tax-exempt status. ICBA categorically opposes this legislation. Make sure that your lawmakers are aware that the community banks in their districts and states vehemently oppose this legislation.

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