Date Title Publication
01/14/2015 CFPB: Half of Home Buyers Don’t Shop Around NewsWatch Today
11/06/2009 ICBA Praises President Obama for Signing ICBA Tax Priorities into Law News Release
11/04/2009 ICBA Thanks Congress for Passing Top ICBA Tax Priorities News Release
05/30/2007 ICBA Offers Tips for Homebuyers News Release
06/20/2006 FDIC to Hold Three Identity Theft Symposia Link
01/05/2006 ICBA Chief Economist Forecasts Solid Housing Market in 2006 News Release
12/12/2005 Affordability Challenges Housing Professionals News Release
11/14/2005 ICBA President Touts Success of Local Programs to Expand Homeownership News Release
07/06/2005 Homeownership Alliance Elects Camden Fine as New Chairman News Release
03/09/2005 Community Bankers Contribute to San Antonio Homeownership News Release
03/01/2005 Habitat for Humanity and ICBA To Launch 'Hammers Across America' News Release
12/03/2004 'Win-Win' for Rural Housing: USDA Loan Guarantee Program - A Resource for Low-to-Moderate Income Borrowers Independent Banker Article
12/03/2004 Untapped Market: Helping North America's Indigenous People Realize the Dream of Homeownership Independent Banker Article
11/03/2004 When Opportunity Knocks: Hispanics: Mortgage Customers of the Future Independent Banker Article
11/03/2004 Keeping the Faith: Connecting with Church Groups to Spread the Financial Literacy Word Independent Banker Article
10/03/2004 Helping Hands: Working with Habitat for Humanity to Reach Would-Be Homeowners Independent Banker Article
10/03/2004 Home Makeover: Renovation Lenders Breathe New Life into Existing Structures Independent Banker Article
09/03/2004 Unlocking Doors: FHLBs Partner with Local Banks to Expand Minority Homeownership Independent Banker Articles
09/03/2004 Collective Contributions: Community Partnerships Create Affordable Homeownership Opportunities Independent Banker Article
08/03/2004 City Dwelling: Contemplating the Merits of Multi-Family Lending Independent Banker Article
07/03/2004 Breaking Barriers: Homeownership Programs Help Customers Leap Hurdles and Give Banks a Boost Independent Banker Article
06/03/2004 Promoting Homeownership: ICBA Continues Helping Community Banks Expand the American Dream Independent Banker Article
04/03/2004 Refi Overdrive: Handling the Hot Mortgage Refinance Boom, While Preparing for the Cool-Off Independent Banker Article
03/03/2004 Working Together: Community Bankers and Fannie Mae - Ready to Meet the Nation's Housing Challenges Independent Banker Article
03/03/2004 Homeownership Mismatch: Surveys Show a Homeownership Disparity, as Banks Work to Close the Gap Independent Banker Article

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