Federal Preemption

Date Title Publication
12/01/2006 Supreme Court Reviewing Federal Preemption IWR
06/30/2006 State Farm Ruling Expands OTS Preemption Doctrine WWR
06/23/2006 OTS Says Federal Law Preempts State Law on Gift Cards WWR
06/02/2006 OCC Urged to Clarify Preemption Effect on Consumers WWR
12/13/2005 Preemption Petition; Interstate Banking; Federal Interest Rate Authority Letter to Regulators
12/02/2005 GAO Finds OCC Could Have Done Better on Preemption Rules WWR
10/07/2005 FDIC Proposes Preemption for State Banks WWR
07/15/2005 Court Affirms Preemption for National Bank Op Subs WWR
06/03/2005 ICBA Testifies on Petition to Preempt State Laws WWR
05/24/2005 ICBA Testifies before FDIC on Rulemaking Petition to Preempt State Laws News Release
05/24/2005 Petition for Rulemaking to Preempt Certain State Laws Testimony
05/07/2004 Bills Introduced to Overturn OCC Preemption WWR
04/16/2004 ICBA Opposes "Hasty Action" by Congress on OCC Preemption Rules WWR
04/15/2004 ICBA Opposes 'Hasty Action' by Congress Over OCC Preemption Rules News Release
01/09/2004 OCC Finalizes Controversial Preemption Rules WWR
01/07/2004 ICBA Statement Regarding OCC Preemption Action News Release
12/19/2003 ICBA Weighs in on Preemption Proposal WWR
12/12/2003 NY AG Spitzer Blasts OCC Preemption Proposal WWR
10/06/2003 Bank Activities and Operations; Real Estate Lending and Appraisals; Preemption of State Laws Letter to Regulators

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