Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBs)

Date Title Publication
01/07/2015 ICBA Urges FHFA to Withdraw Plan to Restrict FHLB Access NewsWatch Today
01/07/2015 ICBA Urges FHFA to Withdraw Plan to Restrict Access to Federal Home Loan Banks News Release
01/06/2015 Proposed Rule for FHLB Membership Letter to Regulators
12/08/2014 Tell the FHFA to Withdraw FHLBank Membership Proposal NewsWatch Today
11/20/2014 Lawmakers Express Concern with FHLBank Membership Proposal NewsWatch Today
03/04/2014 The Federal Home Loan Bank System Policy Resolution
02/08/2012 FHFA-Proposed Amendments to the Federal Home Loan Bank Community Support Regulation Letter to Regulators
10/12/2011 Oversight of the Federal Home Loan Bank System Testimony
03/28/2011 Members of Federal Home Loan Banks Letter to Regulators
03/01/2011 ICBA Applauds FHLBanks for Capital Enhancement Agreement News Release
01/25/2011 Voluntary Mergers of FHLBanks Letter to Regulators
06/09/2010 Industry Letter Supporting Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) Provision in H.R. 4173 Industry Letter to Congress
05/13/2010 Industry Letter Supporting Johnson Amendment on FHLBanks Letter to Congress
04/13/2010 Industry Letter on FHLBanks Industry Letter
08/04/2009 Executive Compensation at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Banks Letter to Regulators
07/13/2009 Proposed Rule to Authorize Non-Federally Insured, CDFIs to Become Members of a FHLBank Letter to Regulators
11/26/2008 Ten Percent Risk Weight Letter to Regulators
06/24/2008 ICBA Says FHLB Advances Should Not Be a Factor in Determining FDIC Assessment Rates News Release
06/23/2008 FDIC's Interim Policy Statement on Covered Bonds Letter to Regulators
04/29/2008 FHLBank Letters of Credit Letter to the Hill
04/08/2008 Joint Letter on H.R. 2091 Letter to the Hill
10/17/2007 ICBA Names Bankers to FHLB Task Force News Release
02/23/2007 FHLB Appointive Directors Letter to Regulators
01/26/2007 FHFB Sets Procedures for FHLB Director Appointments IWR
01/18/2007 ICBA Applauds Housing Finance Board’s Action On Selection Process for Appointed Directors News Release
08/04/2006 FHFB Defends Proposed Retained Earnings Rule WWR
07/14/2006 ICBA Affirms Opposition to Proposed Finance Board Rule on Retained Earnings and Dividends News Release
07/14/2006 ICBA Strongly Opposes FHLB Retained Earnings Proposal WWR
07/14/2006 FHFB Approves Director Election Rule WWR
06/30/2006 Letters Needed on FHLB Capital Proposal WWR
06/16/2006 FHLBs, Fannie & Freddie Debt Part of Treasury Review WWR
06/16/2006 FHLB System Income Declines in First Quarter WWR
06/16/2006 Excess Stock Restrictions and Retained Earnings Requirement for the FHLBs Joint Letter to Regulators
06/09/2006 ICBA Opposes Change to FHLB Election Process WWR
06/05/2006 ICBA Opposes Change in FHLB Election Process News Release
06/02/2006 FHLB Director Elections Letter to Regulators
05/05/2006 FHFB Urged to Withdraw Retained Earnings Proposal WWR
04/21/2006 Chicago FHLB to Issue Debt to Buy Back Excess Stock WWR
04/14/2006 FHLBs to Become Active in Director Elections WWR
04/07/2006 FHFB Proposes Changes to FHLB AHP WWR
03/17/2006 FHFB Proposal Would Raise Retained Earnings But Cut Dividends WWR
03/10/2006 Stringent FHLB Capital Rule Proposed WWR
10/18/2005 Deposit Insurance Reform Letter to the Hill
09/30/2005 Symposium Explores Acceptance of Ag, Small Business Collateral by FHL Banks WWR
08/26/2005 Some FHLBanks to Miss SEC Registration Deadline WWR
06/03/2005 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Collateral Powers and the FHLBanks: Where Are They Now? WWR
05/24/2005 ICBA Applauds Selection of Gilleran News Release
04/15/2005 Senate Banking Committee Focuses on FHLB Issues WWR
01/14/2005 Special Accounting Exams for FHL Banks WWR
01/07/2005 FHFB Reverses Decision to Extend Director Terms WWR
10/19/2004 Banking Associations Seek Answers on SEC Registration News Release
06/23/2004 ICBA Disappointed at FHFB Decision to Require SEC Registration News Release
06/22/2004 ICBA and Other Trade Groups Request Federal Home Loan Bank Capital Registration Delay News Release
06/04/2004 Frank Proposes Compromise on FHLB Multi-District Membership WWR
06/03/2004 Reporting Burden for the FHLB Affordable Housing Program Letter to Regulators
04/23/2004 Moody's Reviews the FHLBanks WWR
04/15/2004 ICBA Letter Opposing Edwards Resolutions Letter to the Hill
04/05/2004 FHLB Required Documentation Letter to Regulators
02/20/2004 FHFB Rejects Request for DOJ Opinion on SEC Registration WWR
02/09/2004 Regulatory Structure for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Banks Letter to the Hill
01/30/2004 ICBA Testifies on FHFB Governance Report WWR
01/23/2004 Federal Home Loan Bank Governance Testimony
01/23/2004 ICBA Testifies on Federal Home Loan Bank Governance Report News Release
01/20/2004 Proposal to Require SEC Registration for FHLBs Letter to Regulators
01/20/2004 ICBA Asks FHFB to Retain FHLBank Disclosure Oversight News Release
01/16/2004 FHFB Releases Governance Report; Hearing Scheduled WWR
11/14/2003 FHLBs Estimate Costs of SEC Registration WWR
10/10/2003 FHFB Opposes FHLB Regulatory Changes WWR
09/12/2003 FHFB: No Plans to Go Forward on Multidistrict Membership WWR
09/10/2003 The FHFB Multi-District Membership DecisionAccess Restricted Banker Update
09/05/2003 FHFB to Propose "Voluntary" Registration Rule WWR
08/01/2003 Treasury, HUD, FHFB Urge SEC Registration for FHLBanks WWR
07/28/2003 Treasury and HUD Secretaries and FHFB Urge SEC Registration on Federal Home Loan BanksAccess Restricted Legislative and Regulatory Update
07/11/2003 ICBA Opposes Merger of FHFB with OFHEO WWR
07/11/2003 ICBA Weighs in on FHLB Disclosures to SEC WWR
05/23/2003 FDIC Objects to FHLB Prepayment Fees WWR
03/28/2003 Shelby Weighs in on FHLB Registration WWR
03/14/2003 Federal Home Loan Bank Activities WWR
03/07/2003 DelliBovi Calls SEC Registration Proposal "Goofy" WWR
03/07/2003 FHFB Chairman Korsmo Does Not Favor FHLB Consolidation WWR
Support for H.R. 2091 and S. 1963

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