Examination & Supervision (including systemic risk, too-big-to-fail and consumer protections)


Date Title Publication
01/23/2015 Fine: Some Banks More Equal Than Others NewsWatch Today
01/23/2015 Wells, JPM Fined $35.7M to Settle Mortgage-Kickback Case NewsWatch Today
01/16/2015 FDIC Announces New General Counsel NewsWatch Today
01/14/2015 Obama Signs ICBA-Backed Law Requiring Community Bank Fed Presence NewsWatch Today
01/13/2015 ICBA Applauds Signing of Law Requiring Community Bank Presence on Fed Board News Release
01/13/2015 Antonio Weiss Withdraws from Treasury Undersecretary Consideration NewsWatch Today
01/09/2015 Senate Passes ICBA-Backed Bill Requiring Community Bank Presence on Fed NewsWatch Today
01/09/2015 WSJ: Naming of Landon to Fed Board Follows Community Bank Push NewsWatch Today
01/08/2015 ICBA Applauds Senate Passage of Bill Requiring Community Bank Presence on Fed Board News Release
01/08/2015 ICBA Applauds House Passage of Bill Requiring Community Bank Presence on Fed Board NewsWatch Today
01/08/2015 ICBA Support for Community Banker Fed Nominee Makes News NewsWatch Today
01/07/2015 ICBA Supports Nomination of Allan Landon for Fed NewsWatch Today
01/07/2015 FDIC Names Regional Director for Atlanta Region NewsWatch Today
01/06/2015 Franken Joins Opposition to Antonio Weiss Nomination NewsWatch Today
01/06/2015 ICBA Statement on White House Nomination of Allan Landon for Fed NewsWatch Today
12/23/2014 MIT’s Johnson: ICBA Right to Have Concerns with Antonio Weiss NewsWatch Today
12/22/2014 Op-Ed: Megabanks Overplay Hand with ‘Swaps Push-Out’ NewsWatch Today
12/19/2014 Op-Ed: Megabanks Overplay Hand with ‘Swaps Push-Out’ NewsWatch Today
12/18/2014 MIT’s Johnson: ICBA Right to Have Concerns with Antonio Weiss NewsWatch Today
12/16/2014 More Senators Oppose Weiss Nomination for Treasury NewsWatch Today
12/15/2014 Minneapolis Fed President Stepping Down in 2016 NewsWatch Today
12/12/2014 Fine: Weiss Not Right for Treasury Post NewsWatch Today
12/11/2014 House Passes Bill Requiring Community Bank Presence on Fed Board NewsWatch Today
12/10/2014 ICBA Supports Capital Surcharge on Megabanks NewsWatch Today
12/09/2014 Former FDIC Chair: Put Community Banker on Fed NewsWatch Today
11/24/2014 ICBA Treasury, N.Y. Fed Letters Generate Headlines NewsWatch Today
11/24/2014 Fed Reviewing Megabank Exam Program NewsWatch Today
11/21/2014 ICBA Backs Bill Requiring Senate Approval of N.Y. Fed President NewsWatch Today
11/20/2014 Fed Names Reserve Bank Chairs NewsWatch Today
11/12/2014 OCC Announces Northeastern and Central District Deputy Comptrollers NewsWatch Today
11/10/2014 Agency Joint Release: Leveraged Lending Remains a Serious Concern NewsWatch Today
11/06/2014 Fed Finalizes ICBA-Backed Megabank Concentration Limit NewsWatch Today
11/06/2014 Hoenig Says Bankruptcy Key to Resolving Failing Megabanks NewsWatch Today
11/04/2014 FDIC Announces New CIO, Comms Official NewsWatch Today
08/22/2014 Support for S. 2732 Letter to Congress
08/06/2014 ICBA Commends FDIC and Federal Reserve for Ensuring Living Wills Are More Than Just a ‘Paper Exercise’ News Release
07/31/2014 Too-Big-To-Fail Subsidies Threaten Economy, Community Banks, and Taxpayers Written Statement
07/31/2014 GAO Report on TBTF Advantage Expected During Senate Banking Hearing NewsWatch Today
07/31/2014 FDIC Announces Senior Appointment and Departure NewsWatch Today
07/17/2014 ICBA Applauds Senate for Passing Measure Requiring Community Bank Presence on Federal Reserve Board News Release
07/08/2014 Concentration Limits on Large Financial Companies Letter to Regulators
06/18/2014 Congress to President: Nominate Fed Board Member with Community Bank Experience News Release
05/23/2014 ICBA Statement on Chairman Hensarling’s Inquiry on Regulator Use of Reputational Risk in Bank Supervision News Release
05/07/2014 ICBA Calls on Lawmakers to Advance Bill Requiring Community Bank Presence on Fed Board News Release
05/07/2014 Support for the Community Bank Preservation Act of 2014 (S. 2252) Letter to Congress
04/14/2014 Support for S. 2252 Letter to Congress
04/01/2014 ICBA Statement on IMF Study Estimating Too-Big-To-Fail Subsidy at $70 Billion in U.S., $300 Billion in Europe News Release
03/25/2014 New York Fed Research Shows Too-Big-To-Fail Funding Advantage News Release
03/12/2014 ICBA Statement on Confirmation of Sarah Bloom Raskin for Deputy Treasury Secretary News Release
03/04/2014 Supervisory Environment Policy Resolution
03/04/2014 Ending Too-Big-To-Fail Priority Policy Resolution
03/04/2014 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Priority Policy Resolution
03/04/2014 Dual Banking System; Regulatory Choice Policy Resolution
02/26/2014 Support for Regulation of Systemically Important Financial Institutions Letter to Regulators
02/24/2014 Federal Reserve Vacancy Letter to Congress
01/08/2014 ICBA to Congress: Burgeoning Financial Concentration Dangerous to Nation’s Economy News Release
01/08/2014 Too-Big-To-Fail Subsidies Exacerbate Regulatory Burde Testimony
01/06/2014 ICBA Statement on Senate Approval of Janet Yellen for Federal Reserve Chairman News Release
11/21/2013 ICBA Statement on Senate Banking Committee Approval of Janet Yellen for Federal Reserve Chairman News Release
11/14/2013 ICBA Thanks GAO for Report on Government Assistance for Bank Holding Companies News Release
11/12/2013 Nomination of Vice Chair Janet Yellen to be Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors Letter to Congress
10/09/2013 ICBA Statement on Nomination of Fed Vice Chair Yellen for Federal Reserve Chairman News Release
09/30/2013 ICBA: Hold Wall Street Bad Actors Personally Accountable News Release
08/01/2013 ICBA Statement on Nomination of Fed Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin for Deputy Treasury Secretary News Release
07/11/2013 ICBA Thanks Elizabeth Duke for Federal Reserve Board Service News Release
06/26/2013 Examining How the Dodd-Frank Act Written Statement
06/26/2013 ICBA: Greatest Threat to Financial System is Too-Big-To-Fail News Release
06/13/2013 Supervision & Regulation Assessments for Bank Holding Co. & Savings & Loan Holding Co. with Total Consolidated Assets of $50B or More & Nonbank Financial Co. Supervised by the Federal Reserve Letter to Regulators
04/24/2013 ICBA Lauds Brown-Vitter Legislation Taking on Too-Big-To-Fail News Release
04/18/2013 In Support of S. 727, the Financial Institutions Examination Fairness and Reform Act Letter to Congress
04/18/2013 In Support of H.R. 1553, the Financial Institutions Examination Fairness and Reform Act Letter to Congress
04/17/2013 Small Banks Will Benefit From Big-Bank Breakup Link
04/09/2013 Wait on TBTF Reform? That's Tempting Fate Op Ed
03/21/2013 ICBA: Survey Shows Americans Want Washington to Address Too-Big-To-Fail Problem News Release
03/18/2013 ICBA: Evidence Mounting against Too-Big-To-Fail News Release
03/15/2013 ICBA: Senate Report Shows Continued Threat of Too-Big-To-Fail News Release
03/14/2013 Ending Too-Big-To Fail Written Statement
03/11/2013 ICBA Stands with Sens. Brown and Vitter Against Wall Street Spin Machine News Release
01/24/2013 ICBA Statement on Nomination of Richard Cordray News Release
01/24/2013 Too Big to Jail? News Release
01/17/2013 ICBA Backs Dallas Fed Plan to Restructure Too-Big-To-Fail Firms News Release
12/19/2012 Support for the “Vitter-Brown GAO Study on Government Subsidies of Megabanks” Letter to Congress
12/19/2012 CBA Backs Review of Too-Big-To-Fail Financial Institutions News Release
10/15/2012 Regulation B Proposed Appraisal Rule Letter to Regulators
08/01/2012 Know Before You Regulate: The Impact of CFPB Regulations on Small Business Written Statement
06/25/2012 Credit Rating Downgrade Highlights Danger of Banking Concentration News Release
06/04/2012 Regulatory Streamlining Project Letter to Regulators
05/16/2012 Hearings on the Impact of Dodd Frank Letter to Congress
04/23/2012 Annual Stress Test Letter to Regulators
04/17/2012 Break Up the Megabanks? We Could Do a Lot Worse Op Ed on American Banker.com
04/16/2012 Confidential Treatment of Privileged Information Letter to Regulators
04/09/2012 Industry Letter on the Proposed Rule Regarding Remittance Transfers Industry Letter
03/05/2012 Comment Letter on CFPB Streamlining Project Letter to Regulators
02/01/2012 H.R. 3641: The Financial Institutions Examination Fairness Reform Act Testimony
01/25/2012 ICBA Releases Community Bank Reference Guide to Dodd-Frank Reference Guide
11/18/2011 ICBA Statement on Legislation Introduced by Reps. Capito and Maloney News Release
09/20/2011 ICBA Recommends Moratorium on Acquisitions and Mergers for Financial Institutions $100 Billion and Up News Release
09/15/2011 ICBA Strongly Supports Provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Letter to Regulators
07/13/2011 Dodd Frank One Year Later Members Only Audio Conference Recording
07/08/2011 ICBA Urges Congress to Support Legislation to Address Oppressive Exam Environment for Community Banks News Release
07/08/2011 Legislative Proposals Regarding Bank Examination Practices Testimony
07/07/2011 ICBA Statement on FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair’s Historic Term News Release
06/27/2011 OTS Integration Letter to Regulators
06/15/2011 Proposed Rulemaking to Implement Section 941 of Dodd Frank Letter to Regulators
06/10/2011 ICBA Comments on Resolution Plans and Credit-Exposure Reporting Letter to Regulators
05/31/2011 Incentive-Based Compensation Arrangements Letter to Regulators
05/23/2011 FDIC Orderly Liquidation Authority Letter to Regulators
05/13/2011 Proposed Rule on the Risk Retention and Qualified Residential Mortgage (QRM) provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Industry Letter
05/11/2011 ICBA: Posey Bill Will Support Greater Lending, Address Harsh Bank Exam Environment With Consistent Loan Classifications News Release
05/10/2011 Common Sense Economic Recovery Act of 2011 (H.R. 1723) Letter to Congress
05/03/2011 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Letter to Congress
04/06/2011 Fourth-Generation Community Banker Makes Recommendations on CFPB News Release
04/06/2011 Legislative Proposals to Improve the Structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Testimony
04/06/2011 The State of Community Banking: Challenges and Opportunities Testimony
04/06/2011 Community Banker Says Bank Examination and Debit Interchange are Key Concerns News Release
03/30/2011 ICBA: Additional Reforms Needed to Address Too-Big-to-Fail Problem News Release
03/30/2011 Has Dodd-Frank Ended Too Big To Fail? Testimony
03/02/2011 ICBA Recommends Changes to Wall Street Reform Act News Release
03/02/2011 The Effect of Dodd-Frank on Small Financial Institutions and Small Businesses Testimony
02/25/2011 Authority to Require Supervision and Regulation of Certain Nonbank Financial Companies Letter to Regulators
11/17/2010 Proposed Rulemaking Implementing Certain Orderly Liquidation Authority Provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Letter to Regulators
11/04/2010 ICBA Statement on OCC Naming Ward as Deputy Comptroller News Release
10/15/2010 ICBA Community Bankers Attend FDIC’s Advisory Committee on Community Banking News Release
09/17/2010 ICBA Statement on Warren Being Named Assistant to the President News Release
07/21/2010 ICBA’s Fine Attends Presidential Signing of Wall Street Reform Bill News Release
07/15/2010 ICBA Statement on Final Passage of Financial Reform Bill News Release
07/13/2010 The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: Deposit Insurance Summary
06/29/2010 Summary of Conference Report on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Summary
06/24/2010 CFPB "Backup Enforcement" Letter to Congress
06/23/2010 Volcker Rule Letter to Congress
06/22/2010 State Lending Limits Industry Letter to Congress
06/22/2010 State Lending Limits Letter to Congress
06/22/2010 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Letter to Congress
06/15/2010 Prefunded Systemic Dissolution Fund Letter to Congress
06/15/2010 Deposit Insurance Limit Letter to Congress
06/10/2010 Collins Amendment Letter to Congress
06/09/2010 Industry Letter Supporting Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) Provision in H.R. 4173 Industry Letter to Congress
05/27/2010 HR 4173, the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 Letter to Congress
05/12/2010 ICBA Applauds Senate Passage of Hutchison/Klobuchar Amendment News Release
05/12/2010 Letter Supporting the Brownback Amendment to S. 3217 5/12/10 Letter to Congress
05/12/2010 Letter Opposing Automaker Exemption Letter to Congress
05/06/2010 Letter Urging Support of Hutchison/Klobuchar Amendment Letter to Congress
05/03/2010 ICBA Supports Tester/Hutchison Amendment News Release
04/30/2010 ICBA Radio Ads Remind Policymakers and Public About Human Price of Too-Big-To-Fail News Release
04/22/2010 Myths and Facts about the Senate Financial Reform Bill Fact Sheet
04/19/2010 ICBA: We Speak For Community Banks News Releease
04/19/2010 Prefunded Systemic-Risk Fund Letter to Congress
04/05/2010 ICBA Launches “My Community, My Bank” Facebook Fan Page News Release
03/23/2010 ICBA Statement on Senate Banking Committee Passage of Dodd Bill News Release
03/17/2010 Examining the Link between Fed Bank Supervision and Monetary Policy Testimony
03/17/2010 ICBA Testifies Against Eliminating Fed Supervision of Community Banks News Release
03/15/2010 Dodd Bill Summary Summary
03/15/2010 ICBA Statement on Dodd Regulatory Reform Legislation News Release
03/11/2010 Consumer Loopholes for Non-Banks Letter to Congress
03/04/2010 Federal Reserve Supervisory Powers Letter to Congress
03/04/2010 ICBA: Systemic-Risk Regulator Must Be Objective, Nonpartisan, Shielded from Political Influence News Release
03/04/2010 ICBA Welcomes More Clarity to Volcker Rule News Release
03/03/2010 Letter to Senate on Federal Reserve Letter to Congress
03/03/2010 ICBA Expresses Support for Fed News Release
03/01/2010 Support for Extending the TAG Program Letter to Regulators
02/26/2010 ICBA Continues Fight Against Mixed Messages at Joint Hearing IWR
02/25/2010 ICBA’s Fine Represents Nation’s Community Banks In Meeting with Treasury Sec. Geithner News Release
02/16/2010 Financial Regulatory Reform: What It Means for Community Banks Fact Sheet
02/12/2010 Bipartisan Senate Reg-Reform Debate UncertainAccess Restricted IWR
02/12/2010 Bipartisan Senate Reg-Reform Debate Uncertain IWR
01/28/2010 ICBA Appreciates President’s Focus on Ending Too-Big-To-Fail and Helping Small Business News Release
01/13/2010 ICBA to Financial Crisis Commission: Too-Big-to-Fail Must End News Release
12/11/2009 ICBA Statement on House Regulatory Reform Bill Passage News Release
12/10/2009 ICBA Opposes Cramdown Amendment to Financial Reform News Release
12/10/2009 Amendments to HR 4173 Letter to Congress
12/10/2009 ICBA Top Priorities in Amendment Process for H.R. 4173 Letter to Congress
12/09/2009 Letter Supporting Perlmutter Amendment to HR 4173 Letter to Congress
12/08/2009 Letter Opposing Cramdown Amendment to HR 4173 Letter to Congress
12/07/2009 Fighting a Two-Front War: Why We Fight for Financial Reform CEO Alert
12/07/2009 Financial Reform Legislation Letter to Congress
11/18/2009 ICBA Praises Reps. Kanjorski and Perlmutter for Amendments That Prevent Future Bailouts, End Too-Big-To-Fail News Release
11/18/2009 Gutierrez Amendment to Financial Stability Improvement Act Letter to Congress
11/10/2009 ICBA Expresses Serious Concerns with Single Regulator and CFPA Provisions in Senate Financial Reform Package News Release
10/29/2009 Systemic Regulation, Prudential Matters, Resolution Authority and Securitization Testimony
10/29/2009 ICBA Voices Strong Support for Vital Systemic-Risk Legislation News Release
10/28/2009 ICBA Voices Support for Legislation That Holds Systemic-Risk Institutions Accountable News Release
10/22/2009 ICBA Says CFPA Bill Contains Improvements, Still More Changes Needed News Release
10/15/2009 ICBA Praises Reps. Miller and Moore for Proposing Amendment to CFPA News Release
09/23/2009 The Impact of Financial Regulatory Restructuring on Small Business Testimony
07/31/2009 ICBA Supports Legislation That Gives FDIC Authority to Resolve Mega-Banks News Release
07/23/2009 ICBA Pleased with President Obama’s Remarks Regarding Need for Prefunded Systemic Risk Fund News Release
07/15/2009 ICBA Urges Congress: Reduce Systemic Risk, End Too-Big-To-Fail, Protect America’s Consumers News Release
07/07/2009 Summary of Administration-Drafted “Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act” Summary
06/24/2009 Hearing on "Regulatory Restructuring: Enhancing Consumer Financial Products Regulation" Letter to the Hill
06/17/2009 ICBA Supports Administration’s Efforts to Rein in Systemic-Risk Institutions, Voices Serious Concerns with Other Aspects of the Plan News Release
06/11/2009 ICBA Outlines Core Principles for Financial Regulatory Reform News Release
06/30/2008 ICBA Applauds Duke’s Confirmation as a Federal Reserve Governor News Release
12/19/2007 Regulatory Structure for Financial Institutions Letter to Regulators
12/19/2007 ICBA Supports Current Banking Structure; Asks for Less Regulations to Enhance Competitiveness News Release
05/10/2007 Expanded Examination Cycles for Certain Small Insured Depository InstitutionsAccess Restricted Letter to Regulators
06/19/2006 ICBA Statement on Confirmations of Sheila Bair as FDIC Chair and Donald Kohn as Fed Vice Chair News Release
06/09/2006 Senate Banking Holds Hearing on FDIC Nominee Bair WWR
06/02/2006 Enhancing the Safety and Soundness of Insured Depository Institutions Joint Industry Letter to Regulators
05/26/2006 ICBA Testifies on OTS Supervision WWR
05/25/2006 Oversight of the Office of Thrift Supervision Testimony
05/05/2006 Sheila Bair Tapped as Next FDIC Chairman WWR
04/07/2006 WH Picks Former Treasury Official for FDIC Chief WWR
02/22/2006 ICBA Statement on Roger Ferguson's Resignation from the Federal Reserve Board News Release
02/10/2006 Agencies Issue Exam Guidelines for Gulf Coast Banks WWR
08/01/2005 ICBA Praises Confirmations of New Banking Agency Chiefs News Release
07/29/2005 Agency Nominees Advance WWR
05/10/2005 Call Reports Letter to Regulators
04/27/2005 Statement on John Reich Nomination as OTS Director News Release
04/01/2005 Agencies Propose Call Report Changes WWR
04/01/2005 HMDA Talking Points Available WWR
02/25/2005 White House to Nominate Dugan as Comptroller WWR
01/28/2005 FDIC Asserts Special Exam Authority WWR
01/07/2005 OCC Issues Retail Lending Exam Procedures WWR
08/27/2004 OTS - to Be or Not to Be WWR
06/30/2004 Regulatory Double Standards - Megabank Fines Letter to Regulators
06/28/2004 Proposed Call Report Changes Letter to Regulators
06/04/2004 Rep. Kelly Considers Treasury Criminal Enforcement Power WWR
06/04/2004 Banker Update: Absolute Power Corrupts WWR
05/14/2004 Banker Update: The Price of Integrity WWR
05/07/2004 Bills Introduced to Overturn OCC Preemption WWR
05/07/2004 Fed's Stern Warns of Big Bank Risk WWR
04/30/2004 Say It Ain't So, Don!! WWR
04/16/2004 ICBA Opposes "Hasty Action" by Congress on OCC Preemption Rules WWR
04/16/2004 ICBA Testifies on J.P. Morgan Chase-Bank One Merger WWR
04/15/2004 ICBA Concerned Over J.P. Morgan Chase-Bank One Merger News Release
04/15/2004 ICBA Letter Opposing Edwards Resolutions Letter to the Hill
04/15/2004 ICBA Opposes 'Hasty Action' by Congress Over OCC Preemption Rules News Release
03/08/2004 ICBA Statement on Federal Reserve Board Approval of Bank of America/Fleet Financial Merger News Release
03/05/2004 OCC on State Complaints WWR
02/25/2004 ICBA Calls for Congressional Hearings on Systemic Risk Inherent in Megabank Mergers News Release
02/06/2004 FDIC Gives Exam Relief to Banks Up to $1 Billion WWR
02/04/2004 Broadening Eligibility for FDIC Streamlined "MERIT" Exam Is Positive Step, ICBA Says News Release
01/30/2004 Call Report Modernization Program Testing is Announced WWR
01/28/2004 Federal Preemption Requires a Balanced Approach, ICBA Testifies News Release
01/28/2004 Congressional Review of OCC Preemption Testimony
01/16/2004 Policy Implications of the New Mega-Bank Merger Wave WWR
01/16/2004 ICBA Testifies on BofA/Fleet Merger WWR
01/15/2004 ICBA Expresses Concerns About Large Bank Mergers News Release
01/14/2004 ICBA Concerned About BofA/Fleet Merger Impact News Release
01/14/2004 Testimony Before Federal Reserve Concerning BofA/Fleet Merger Testimony
01/09/2004 OCC Finalizes Controversial Preemption Rules WWR
01/07/2004 ICBA Statement Regarding OCC Preemption Action News Release
12/19/2003 ICBA Weighs in on Preemption Proposal WWR
12/12/2003 NY AG Spitzer Blasts OCC Preemption Proposal WWR
10/06/2003 Bank Activities and Operations; Real Estate Lending and Appraisals; Preemption of State Laws Letter to Regulators
10/03/2003 ICBA Comments on Anti-tying Proposal WWR
09/29/2003 Anti-Tying Restrictions of Section 106 of the Bank Holding Company Act Amendments of 1970 Letter to Regulators
09/12/2003 Comptroller Responds to Critics of Preemption WWR
08/29/2003 Fed Proposes Interpretation of Anti-Tying Rules WWR
07/11/2003 ICBA Objects to Mass. Bill on Mutual Bank Conversions WWR
06/27/2003 New Approach to FDIC Compliance Exams WWR
06/27/2003 Call Report Modernization Underway WWR

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