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Date Title Publication
01/07/2015 FDIC Names Regional Director for Atlanta Region NewsWatch Today
01/06/2015 FDIC Issues Guidance on Brokered Deposits NewsWatch Today
12/17/2014 FDIC Approves 3 Percent Budget Cut NewsWatch Today
12/08/2014 FDIC Names New Chief Learning Officer NewsWatch Today
11/21/2014 FDIC Issues Guidance for De Novo Bank Applicants NewsWatch Today
11/19/2014 FDIC Revises Capital Ratios for Assessment System NewsWatch Today
11/13/2014 FDIC Board Meeting Tuesday on Assessments NewsWatch Today
03/04/2014 Deposit Insurance Policy Resolution
12/13/2012 ICBA Issues Statement on Senate Vote on Legislation to Temporarily Extend Transaction Account Guarantee News Release
12/10/2012 Supporting TAG Extension Industry Letter to Congress
12/07/2012 Temporary Extension of Transaction Account Coverage Has Widespread Support as Congress Considers Extension News Release
12/04/2012 TAG Extension Joint Letter to Congress
12/04/2012 FDIC Data Show $1.5 Trillion in Deposits Backed by “TAG” Insurance as Congress Considers TAG’s Fate with Looming December 31 Expiration News Release
09/13/2012 ICBA Chief Economist Speaks Out on Temporary FDIC TAG Extension Following Fed Announcement News Release
09/12/2012 TAG Extension State Banking Association Letter to Congress
09/12/2012 TAG Extension Industry Letter to Congress
08/29/2012 Industry Letter on TAG Extension Industry Letter to Congress
08/29/2012 80 State Groups Urge Congress To Act Now on Expiring FDIC Coverage News Release
08/28/2012 New FDIC Data Show Substantial Small Business Deposits Backed by “TAG” Insurance News Release
08/09/2012 Bankers' Bank Letter Urging the Extension of the FDIC’s Transaction Account Guarantee (TAG) Insurance Letter to Congress
07/27/2012 Temporary Extension of TAG Coverage Joint Letter to Congress
07/12/2012 Transaction Account Guarantee (TAG) Timeline Timeline
06/26/2012 Support Growing for Extension of Deposit Insurance as Bankers’ Banks Urge Congressional Action News Release
06/18/2012 Ending Deposit Coverage Will Disproportionately Affect Minority Communities News Release
06/15/2012 Extension of the FDIC’s Transaction Account Guarantee(TAG) Insurance Letter to Congress
06/05/2012 Community Banks Join Call for Extending Deposit Coverage News Release
05/24/2012 Latest FDIC Numbers Show “TAG” Deposits Over $1.3 Trillion News Release
05/09/2012 ICBA Community Banker Testifies on Regulatory Burden: Urges Consideration of Critical Legislation and Extension of TAG News Release
02/28/2012 ICBA: $1.4 Trillion Demonstrates Need for FDIC “TAG” Extension for Community Banks and Small Businesses News Release
11/21/2011 Resolution Plans Required for Insured Depository Institutions With $50 Billion or More in Total Assets Letter to Regulators
04/29/2011 Study on Core Deposits and Brokered Deposits Letter to Regulators
04/12/2011 Deposit Insurance Coverage Training Letter to Regulators
04/01/2011 ICBA-Advocated FDIC Assessment Rule Goes into Effect Today News Release
02/07/2011 ICBA Victory: Final FDIC Rule Establishes Parity for Main Street Community Banks News Release
01/03/2011 Assessment System for Large Institutions Letter to Regulators
01/03/2011 DIF Assessment Base Letter to Regulators
11/24/2010 ICBA Comments on Long-Term DIF Plan Letter to Regulators
11/09/2010 ICBA: FDIC Vote Helps Level Playing Field for Community Banks News Release
10/12/2010 Proposed Rule to Provide Unlimited Deposit Insurance for Noninterest-Bearing Transaction Accounts Letter to Regulators
09/24/2010 ICBA Urges FDIC to Avoid Premium Volatility News Release
08/31/2010 ICBA Supports New FDIC Resolution Authority for Systemic Financial Firms News Release
07/16/2010 Contingent Resolution Plans Letter to Regulators
07/13/2010 The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: Deposit Insurance Summary
07/02/2010 Assessments Letter to Regulators
07/01/2010 Treatment by the FDIC as Conservator or Receiver of Financial Assets Transferred by an Insured Depository Institution in Connection With a Securitization or Participation After September 30, 2010 Letter to Regulators
06/15/2010 Deposit Insurance Limit Letter to Congress
05/06/2010 ICBA Applauds Senate Passage of Tester/Hutchison Amendment News Release
05/03/2010 ICBA Supports Tester/Hutchison Amendment News Release
02/22/2010 Incorporating Employee Compensation Criteria into the Risk Assessment System Letter to Regulators
11/19/2009 State-by-State Impact of Gutierrez-Manzullo Amendments Comparison
11/19/2009 ICBA Lauds Passage of Key Amendments to Broaden Assessment Base and Protect Taxpayers News Release
11/19/2009 ICBA Applauds Gutierrez-Manzullo Amendment That Bases FDIC Assessment on Assets, Protects America’s Taxpayers News Release
11/17/2009 Interest Rate Restrictions Letter to Regulators
11/16/2009 Support Gutierrez Deposit Insurance and Resolution Fund Amendments Letter to Congress
10/28/2009 ICBA Asks FDIC to Shorten Prepayment Period to Two Years, Impose a Third Year if DIF Needs Still Not Met News Release
10/01/2009 FAQs Concerning the FDIC’s Proposed Prepaid Assessment Plan FAQs
06/16/2009 Section-by-Section Analysis of The Bank Accountability and Risk Assessment Act of 2009
06/12/2009 FDIC Special Assessment Calculation Example
05/22/2009 ICBA Lauds FDIC’s Decision to Cut Special Assessment, Base on Assets News Release
05/20/2009 FDIC Special Assessment Letter to Regulators
04/28/2009 FDIC Resolution Authority Letter to Treasury Secretary Geithner
04/02/2009 ICBA Calls FDIC Special Assessment Onerous; Unfairly Penalizes Our Nation’s Common Sense Community Banks News Release
04/02/2009 FDIC Special Assessment Letters to Regulators
03/30/2009 Deposit Insurance Issues Letter to the Hill
03/11/2009 Depositor Protection Act of 2009 (S. 541) Letter to the Hill
03/05/2009 ICBA Appreciates FDIC Pledge to Cut Special Assessment News Release
03/05/2009 FDIC Letter in Support of the Depositor Protection Act of 2009 Link
03/03/2009 Main Street America - Awakening a Sleeping Giant Memo from Cam Fine
03/02/2009 FDIC Message for Bank CEOs on Assessments Link
02/27/2009 FDIC Final Rule on Risk Based Assessments Link
02/27/2009 ICBA Says Wall Street Should Shoulder Burden to Rebuild FDIC’s Deposit Insurance Fund News Release
02/27/2009 FDIC Interim Rule on Special Assessment Link
12/17/2008 ICBA Urges Lower FDIC Assessment Rates and Adjustments to Agency’s Risk-Based Premium Proposal News Release
12/17/2008 Deposit Insurance Assessments Letter to Regulators
12/16/2008 ICBA Statement on the FDIC’s Announcement to Adopt Increased Assessment Rates News Release
12/01/2008 Deposit Insurance Regulations: Revocable Trust Accounts Letter to Regulators
11/14/2008 Deposit Insurance Assessments Letter to Regulators
09/26/2008 Community Bank Deposit Account Options Questions & Answers News Release
09/15/2008 Sweep Accounts Letter to Regulators
08/05/2008 Deposit Insurance Premium Assessments Letter to Regulators
07/28/2008 Proposed Amendments to the Guidelines for Appeals of Material Supervisory Determinations Letter to Regulators
07/28/2008 ICBA Opposes Amended Guidelines for Appealing Material Supervisory Determinations News Release
07/17/2008 ICBA Offers Tips to Increase FDIC Insurance Coverage News Release
07/17/2008 ICBA Debunks Deposit Insurance Myths News Release
07/17/2008 ICBA Offers Tips to Increase FDIC Insurance Coverage News Release
07/16/2008 ICBA Statement on FDIC-Insured Deposits Held in Community Banks News Release
06/24/2008 ICBA Says FHLB Advances Should Not Be a Factor in Determining FDIC Assessment Rates News Release
06/23/2008 FDIC's Interim Policy Statement on Covered Bonds Letter to Regulators
06/16/2008 ICBA Congratulates FDIC on Its 75th Anniversary News Release
05/22/2008 Assessment Dividends Letter to Regulators
11/14/2007 Proposals for Allocating Assessment Dividends Letter to Regulators
01/18/2007 ICBA Asks FDIC to Reject Commercial Firms’ Entry into Banking News Release
01/16/2007 FDIC Insurance for Wal-Mart, Home Depot Letter to Regulators
11/08/2006 /files/ICBASites/PDFs/rbsummary1106.pdf Summary
11/03/2006 FDIC Adopts Final Assessment Rules IWR
11/02/2006 ICBA Disappointed With FDIC 2007 Assessment Rates News Release
10/20/2006 FDIC Approves Assessment Credit and Dividend Rules IWR
10/10/2006 ICBA Disappointed in FDIC Rule on One-Time Assessment News Release
10/06/2006 ICBA Urges FDIC to Keep Assessments Low IWR
09/25/2006 ICBA Urges FDIC to Keep Assessments Low News Release
09/22/2006 Establishing a New Risk-Based Assessment System Letter to Regulators
09/15/2006 Advertisement of Membership Letter to Regulators
08/14/2006 ICBA Urges FDIC to “Follow the Charter” and “Follow the Deposit” in Allocating One-Time Assessment Credit News Release
08/11/2006 Proposal to Improve the Operational Processes Governing the FDIC's Deposit Insurance Assessment System Letter to Regulators
08/11/2006 ICBA Comments on Deposit Insurance Proposals WWR
08/11/2006 Proposal to Implement One-Time Assessment Credits Letter to Regulators
08/11/2006 Proposal to Implement the Deposit Insurance Fund Dividend Requirements Letter to Regulators
08/04/2006 FDIC Premiums: Important ICBA Survey WWR
07/28/2006 Summary of FDIC Proposal on Risk-Based Assessments Summary
07/28/2006 FDIC Posts Premium Assessment Calculators WWR
07/21/2006 FDIC Chairman Bair Warns of Higher Assessment Rates WWR
07/14/2006 FDIC Issues Risk-Based Premium Proposal WWR
06/16/2006 FDIC Board Delays Vote on Risk-Based Premium Rules WWR
05/22/2006 Effect of Deposit Insurance Increase on Call Reports Letter to Regulators
05/22/2006 Interim Rule Concerning Deposit Insurance Regulations Letter to Regulators
05/12/2006 FDIC: Substantial Premium Increase Possible Next Year WWR
05/12/2006 FDIC Proposes Rules on Assessment Credits & Dividends WWR
05/05/2006 Wal-Mart's Application for Federal Deposit Insurance Letter to Regulators
03/17/2006 FDIC Raises Retirement Account Coverage to $250,000 WWR
03/14/2006 ICBA Applauds Quick Implementation of Higher Deposit Insurance Coverage for Retirement Accounts News Release
03/10/2006 FDIC Moves on Implementing Deposit Insurance Reform WWR
03/10/2006 Bachus Praises ICBA for Efforts on FDIC Reform WWR
02/17/2006 Top 10 Questions & Answers on the Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Act of 2005 WWR
02/10/2006 Deposit Insurance Reform Becomes Law WWR
02/08/2006 Deposit Insurance Reform Becomes Law ICBA Chairman Attends Signing Ceremony News Release
02/01/2006 ICBA Applauds Congressional Passage of Landmark Deposit Insurance Reform News Release
12/14/2005 ICBA Urges Quick Congressional Passage of Deposit Insurance Reform Agreement News Release
11/18/2005 ICBA CEO Praises House for Clearing Strong FDIC Reform Measure News Release
10/27/2005 ICBA Statement on House Financial Services Legislative Actions News Release
10/18/2005 ICBA Statement on Senate Action to Reform Bank Deposit Insurance News Release
10/18/2005 Deposit Insurance Reform Letter to the Hill
08/08/2005 Insurance Regulations for Section 529 Accounts Letter to Regulators
08/05/2005 Deposit Insurance Reform Act Introduced in Senate WWR
08/02/2005 Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Act of 2005 Letter to the Hill
07/29/2005 Deposit Insurance Bill Set for Senate Introduction WWR
07/29/2005 ICBA Welcomes Introduction of Senate Deposit Insurance Bill News Release
05/20/2005 FDIC Premiums Hold Steady Now, FDIC Warns of Possible Increase in 2006 WWR
05/04/2005 ICBA Statement on Deposit Insurance Reform Legislation Passing the House News Release
04/27/2005 ICBA Applauds Passage of Deposit Insurance Bill News Release
04/25/2005 ICBA Letter on H.R. 1185 Letter to the Hill
02/25/2005 FDIC Releases Audited Results of BIF and SAIF WWR
08/06/2004 Certified Statement Invoices Letter to Regulators
08/01/2004 Federal Deposit Insurance ReformAccess Restricted Issue Brief
01/23/2004 Shelby Suggests Compromise on Deposit Insurance Reform WWR
01/13/2004 ICBA Applauds FDIC Action on Living Trust Accounts News Release
09/12/2003 ICBA Endorses Maximum Deposit Insurance Coverage for Living Trusts WWR
08/29/2003 Consultant Urges Improvement in FDIC Reserving WWR
05/16/2003 FDIC Considers New Rule on Living Trust Accounts Coverage WWR
05/16/2003 Treasury Deposit Insurance Reform Draft Released WWR
04/04/2003 ICBA-Supported Deposit Insurance Reform Passes House 411-11 WWR
04/02/2003 House Passes FDIC Reform by Vote of 411-11 Banker Update
03/14/2003 Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Act of 2003 Advances WWR
03/10/2003 ICBA Letter to Congress on Deposit Insurance Letter to the Hill
02/28/2003 Coverage Hikes Attacked at Senate Banking Committee Hearing WWR
02/28/2003 The Fed is Part of the Problem WWR
02/21/2003 An Errant Philosophy - Existing FDIC Coverage Levels Should Wither Away WWR
02/11/2003 Banker Version of "EDIE" - the Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator - Now Available to Download FDIC
01/31/2003 Deposit Insurance Bills Active in Senate, House WWR
09/20/2002 The Rookie WWR
06/14/2002 BIF Reserve Ratio Falls to 1.24 Percent WWR
05/31/2002 Memorable Blasts WWR
05/24/2002 Chairman Spencer Bachus in Support of Increased FDIC Coverage Levels WWR
05/22/2002 Comprehensive Deposit Insurance Reform Bill Passes the House Overwhelmingly Banker Alert
05/17/2002 Deposit Insurance Reform Moves Forward in the House WWR
05/10/2002 Costs of Deposit Insurance Reform WWR
05/03/2002 Take Ideology Out of Deposit Insurance Reform WWR
04/26/2002 Greenspan: In His Own Words WWR
04/19/2002 Deep Waters WWR
04/19/2002 The Play Went On WWR
04/19/2002 ICBA Rebuts Big-Bank Stance on Deposit Insurance Reform WWR
04/17/2002 Deposit Insurance Bill Passes House Financial Services CommitteeAccess Restricted Banker Alert
04/16/2002 Rebuttal of Financial Services Roundtable Computation of Industry Premium Costs of HR 3717 Letter to the Hill
03/29/2002 Message Platform WWR
03/29/2002 Deposit Insurance Reform - Claims vs. Facts WWR
03/29/2002 Deposit Insurance Reform - Your Grass Roots Lobby Needed WWR
03/29/2002 Lobbying Action Plan WWR
03/22/2002 Seidman on Deposit Insurance Reform WWR
03/15/2002 The Two National Treasures--Very Different Views WWR
03/15/2002 Chairman Powell Rallies the Troops WWR
02/15/2002 Deposit Insurance Reform Bills Introduced in Congress WWR
02/15/2002 Federal Deposit Insurance Reform - The Battle is Joined WWR
02/08/2002 Comprehensive Deposit Insurance Reform Package Unveiled WWR
02/01/2002 Increase FDIC Coverage Levels on Retirement Accounts WWR
11/02/2001 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly WWR
10/19/2001 The Future of Federal Deposit Insurance WWR
06/29/2001 ICBA Letter to Senator Gramm on the S&L Crisis Lettter to the Hill
05/16/2001 Deposit Insurance Reform Testimony
05/04/2001 Gallup Survey Shows Importance of FDIC Insurance to Consumers WWR
05/04/2001 Economists' Recommendation to FDIC: Increase, Index and Simplify Coverage WWR
04/27/2001 Presentation of Ken Guenther before Staff Members of the House Financial Services Committee WWR
04/06/2001 Details of the FDIC's Deposit Insurance Reform Recommendations WWR
04/06/2001 FDIC Releases Deposit Insurance Reform Recommendations WWR
10/06/2000 FDIC Options Paper on Deposit Insurance: Coverage Limits WWR
10/01/2000 ICBA Report on Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Report
09/29/2000 FDIC Options Paper on Deposit Insurance: Funding Insurance Losses WWR
09/08/2000 FDIC Options Paper on Deposit Insurance: The Pricing Issue WWR
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