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Date Title Publication
07/15/2016 Legislation Would Address USDA Farm Lending Limits NewsWatch Today
07/11/2016 Farm Service Agency Issues Loan Narrative Q&As NewsWatch Today
06/22/2016 USDA Taps $500M Fund for FSA Shortfall NewsWatch Today
06/21/2016 Rural Economic Index Climbing, Remains Weak NewsWatch Today
06/10/2016 USDA Issues Final Rule on B&I Guaranteed Lending NewsWatch Today
06/09/2016 The Destructive Impact of Regulatory Burden on Rural Communities Written Statement
06/09/2016 ICBA: Reg Relief Vital to Serving Rural Communities NewsWatch Today
06/07/2016 USDA Announces Support for Cotton Producers NewsWatch Today
06/03/2016 ICBA Urges Increase in Farm Service Agency Funding NewsWatch Today
05/27/2016 ICBA Follows Up with Congress on Farm Credit System Hearing NewsWatch Today
05/23/2016 Low Ag Prices the Top Threat for Many Bank CEOs: Survey NewsWatch Today
05/20/2016 ICBA to Congress: Tax-Subsidized Farm Credit System Abandoning Mission NewsWatch Today
05/20/2016 Committee Advances Senate Ag Approps Bill NewsWatch Today
05/19/2016 The Farm Credit System: Oversight and Outlook of the Current Economic Climate Independent Community Bankers of America Testimony
05/18/2016 USDA Lowers Cost of Refinancing Rural Housing Loans NewsWatch Today
05/17/2016 Poll Finds Strong Support for Crop Insurance NewsWatch Today
05/16/2016 ICBA Testifying on Farm Credit Tax Advantages This Week NewsWatch Today
05/11/2016 Farmer Mac Reports Q1 Profit, Volume Growth NewsWatch Today
05/06/2016 Fed Hosting Rural Housing Forum Next Week NewsWatch Today
05/04/2016 ICBA’s Hartings at White House: Community Banks Key to Rural Economy NewsWatch Today
05/03/2016 USDA Launches Online Resource for Beginning Farmers NewsWatch Today
04/29/2016 Industry Recommendations on USDA Farm Loan Programs Industry Letter to Congress
03/08/2016 Tax Advantaged Farm Credit System GSE Priority Policy Resolution
03/08/2016 Farm and Rural Safety Net Policy Resolution
12/11/2015 Industry Letter Urging Secretary of Agriculture to Take Action on Cottonseed Industry Letter to Regulators
12/02/2015 ICBA: Review of Farm Credit System a Welcome First Step News Release
12/02/2015 Hearing to Review the Farm Credit System Written Statement
11/24/2015 Industry Letter Supporting Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
07/13/2015 Letter Concerning Agricultural and Rural Issues Related to the Appropriations Process for Fiscal Year 2016 Letter to Congress
06/04/2015 Industry Letter on Conservation Compliance Letter to Regulators
05/14/2015 Support for Two Amendments to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Reauthorization Legislation Letter to Congress
05/14/2015 Tax Subsidies For Credit Unions and the Farm Credit System Letter to Congress
04/20/2015 Comment Letter on Mergers, Consolidations and Charter Amendments of Banks or Associations Letter to Regulators
02/23/2015 Industry Letter Opposing Additional Cuts to Ag Programs Industry Letter to Congress
02/04/2015 Industry Letter Opposing President Obama's Budget Proposal to Cut Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
12/22/2014 ICBA Letter to FCA on Regulatory Capital Letter to Regulators
12/17/2014 ICBA Letter to FCA on Pensions Letter to Regulators
12/08/2014 ICBA Comment Letter on Entity Eligibility Letter to Regulator
11/18/2014 Follow Up Letter on FCA Memorandum Titled “Guidance for Investment Requests under § 615.5140(e) of Farm Credit AdministrationRegulations” Letter to Regulators
10/31/2014 FCA Letter in Response to 10/20/14 ICBA Letter FCA Letter to ICBA
10/23/2014 FCA Proposal to Amend Current Regulations Governing Investments Held by Farm Credit Banks and Associations Letter to Regulators
10/20/2014 FCA Memorandum Titled “Guidance for Investment Requests under § 615.5140(e) of Farm Credit AdministrationRegulations” Letter to Regulators
07/31/2014 USDA Announces Supplemental Insurance Program for New Farm Bill NewsWatch Today
07/03/2014 ICBA: Study Shows Community Banks Play Key Role in Ag Lending NewsWatch Today
07/03/2014 Farm Bill, Crop Insurance Hearing Next Week NewsWatch Today
07/02/2014 ICBA: Study Finds Commercial Banks Meeting Needs of Ag Borrowers News Release
06/25/2014 ICBA: Credit Availability in Rural America Plentiful News Release
06/25/2014 Credit Availability in Rural America Testimony
06/09/2014 Industry Letter Opposing Amendments to the Agriculture Appropriations Bill that Would Harm the Farm Bill or Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
04/30/2014 Support of ‘Say on Pay' for FCS Institutions Letter to Regulators
04/14/2014 Community Banks Keep Rural America Growing News Release
03/12/2014 Support for the CFPB Rural Designation Petition and Correction Act (H.R. 2672) Letter to Congress
03/05/2014 Connect America Fund Industry Letter to Regulators
02/19/2014 Introducing the HELP Rural Communities Act of 2014 (S. 1916) Letter to Congress
02/04/2014 Senate Passes ICBA-Advocated Farm Bill News Release
02/03/2014 ICBA Pleased Senate on Verge of Passing New Farm Bill News Release
01/29/2014 ICBA Pleased House Passes New Farm Bill News Release
01/28/2014 ICBA Urges Congress to Adopt New Farm Bill News Release
01/15/2014 ICBA Letter to FCA on Meeting Letter to Regulators
11/14/2013 ICBA Statement on FCA Decision to Withdraw Proposed Rule On Farm Credit System Non-Farm Investment Program News Release
11/05/2013 rop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
10/22/2013 Eligibility for Rarmers and Ranchers Participating in FSA Guaranteed Farm Loans Industry Leter to Congress
10/22/2013 ICBA Asks Farm Credit System Regulator to Explain CoBank Loan to Verizon News Release
10/21/2013 CoBank Loan to Verizon Letter to Regulators
07/24/2013 Tax Subsidies for the Farm Credit System Letter to Congress
07/11/2013 ICBA Statement on House Farm Bill Vote News Release
07/02/2013 Farm Bill Industry Letter to Congress
06/20/2013 ICBA Urges Renewed Efforts on House Farm Bill News Release
06/19/2013 Industry Letter in Support of Crop Insurance and Opposition to the Kind Amendment ( Industry Letter to Congress
06/11/2013 Industry Letter Urging Passage of New Farm Bill Letter to Congress
06/11/2013 ICBA Thanks Senate for Passing a New Farm Bill NewsWatch Today
06/11/2013 Industry Letter Supporting Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
06/03/2013 Maximum Interest Rates on Guaranteed Loans Letter to Regulators
05/14/2013 ICBA Thanks Senate Agriculture Committee for Passing a New Farm Bill News Release
05/08/2013 Joint Letter Opposing the Expansion of the Farm Credit System (FCS) Letter to Congress
05/01/2013 Industry Letter Supporting Federal Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
04/22/2013 FCS Senior Officer and Executive Compensation Letter to Regulators
03/12/2013 Crop Insurance Protection Letter to Congress
08/14/2012 The Rationale for Removing Term Limits on USDA Guaranteed Farm Operating Loans White Paper
02/09/2008 Open Letter to the Farm Bill Community Letter from Reps. Peterson & Goodlatte
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