Date Title Publication
03/03/2015 Payment Cards Policy Resolution
08/27/2012 Follow-up on Outcomes of Debit Card Issuer Survey Industry Letter to Regulators
05/01/2012 ICBA: Despite Study, Debit Card Interchange Rule Still Harms Community Banks and Consumers News Release
12/19/2011 WSJ Article on Debit-Fee Cap Consequences Letter to Congress
10/12/2011 ICBA Supports Legislation to Repeal the Harmful Durbin Regulation News Release
09/30/2011 ICBA: Damaging Effects of Debit Card Price Controls on Consumers Should Be No Surprise to Policymakers News Release
09/30/2011 Debit Card Interchange Fees & Routing Letter to Regulators
07/05/2011 ICBA Summary of Fed Final Rule Summary
06/29/2011 ICBA: Fed Rule on Debit Interchange Harms Consumers and Main Street Banks That Serve Them News Release
06/21/2011 Debit Card Interchange Fees Letter to Regulators
06/09/2011 Thank You for Supporting the Tester-Corker Debit Interchange Amendment Letter to Congress
06/08/2011 Support for Tester/Corker Amendment to the Economic Development Revitalization Act of 2011 (S. 782) Letter to Congress
06/07/2011 ICBA: Tester/Corker Amendment Protects Small Debit Card Issuers and Their Customers News Release
05/31/2011 Michaels Breach is Warning on the Durbin Amendment Op Ed
05/10/2011 Impact of the Debit Interchange Amendment on Small Financial Institutions Letter to Congress
04/11/2011 Proposed Rule on Debit Card Interchange Fees Joint Letter to Regulators
04/06/2011 Community Banker Says Bank Examination and Debit Interchange are Key Concerns News Release
04/06/2011 The State of Community Banking: Challenges and Opportunities Testimony
03/17/2011 Consumers Payment System Protection Act (H.R. 1081) Letter to Congress
03/16/2011 Support for the Debit Interchange Fee Study Act (S. 575) Letter to Congress
03/15/2011 ICBA Applauds Reps. Capito and Wasserman Schultz for Introducing Pro-Main Street Interchange Legislation News Release
02/22/2011 Debit Card Interchange Fees and Routing Letter to Regulators
02/22/2011 Every Major National Bank and Credit Union Trade Association Joins to Urge Fundamental Revision of Federal Reserve’s Debit Card Rule Industry News Release
02/22/2011 Proposed Rule on Debit Card Interchange Fees Industry Letter to Regulators
02/22/2011 ICBA Calls on Fed to Withdraw Harmful Proposed Debit Card Rule News Release
02/17/2011 Understanding the Federal Reserve’s Proposed Rule on Interchange Fees: Implications and Consequences of the Durbin Amendment Written Statement
02/17/2011 ICBA to Congress: Fed Rule on Interchange Fees Will Cost Consumers News Release
02/14/2011 Survey: Fed Debit Card Rule Will Harm Community Bank Customers News Release
02/07/2011 Commentary: The Problem with Interchange Price-Fixing Op Ed
02/01/2011 Speak Up on 80 Percent Reduction in Debit Interchange CEO Alert
01/10/2011 ICBA: Two-Tier Debit Card Interchange Plan Won’t Work for Community Bank Customers News Release
12/16/2010 ICBA: Proposed Interchange Rules Will Disadvantage Community Bank Customers News Release
06/30/2010 Interchange "Swipe" Fees Letter to the Editor
05/05/2010 Industry Letter on Amendments to S. 3217 Affecting Interchange Rates Letter to Congress
04/28/2010 ICBA Urges Congress: Oppose Misguided Interchange Legislation That Would Hurt Main Street Banks and Their Customers News Release

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