Date Title Publication
04/29/2014 ICBA, NAFCU Call for Effective Data-Security Laws NewsWatch Today
04/03/2014 ICBA Continues Advocating Reforms Following Retail Data Breach NewsWatch Today
04/02/2014 Data Breach on the Rise: Protecting Personal Information from Harm Testimony
03/27/2014 Report: Target Missed Chances to Respond to Data Breach NewsWatch Today
03/25/2014 California DMV Reports Possible Data Breach NewsWatch Today
03/20/2014 Survey: Majority Find Merchants Responsible for Data Breaches NewsWatch Today
03/13/2014 ICBA: Merchants Should Help Community Banks Cover Fraud Losses NewsWatch Today
03/05/2014 Retailer Data Breach: The Community Bank Perspective Testimony
03/04/2014 Data Security and Fraud Priority Policy Resolution
02/25/2014 Neiman Marcus Reduces Estimate of Compromised Cards NewsWatch Today
02/21/2014 ICBA Survey Finds Community Banks Reissue 4M Cards Following Data Breaches NewsWatch Today
02/20/2014 Loving, Fine: ICBA Taking Meaningful Steps to Stronger Payments System NewsWatch Today
02/20/2014 Community Banks Reissue 4M Cards Following Data Breaches NewsWatch Today
02/19/2014 Community Banks Reissue More Than 4 Million Payment Cards Following Retailer Data Breaches News Release
02/19/2014 ICBA Taking Meaningful Steps to Stronger Payments System CEO Alert
02/18/2014 Fine: Banks Focused on Protecting Customers Following Retailer Breaches NewsWatch Today
02/14/2014 ICBA Pursues Cybersecurity Dialogue with Industry, Policymakers NewsWatch Today
02/13/2014 Trade Groups Announce Cybersecurity Partnership NewsWatch Today
02/13/2014 Retail and Financial Trade Associations Announce Partnership News Release
02/13/2014 Senators Propose New Retail Information Sharing Analysis Center NewsWatch Today
02/13/2014 ICBA Welcomes NIST Report on Cybersecurity NewsWatch Today
02/12/2014 Op-Ed: Banks Pay Price for Retailers' Data Breaches NewsWatch Today
02/12/2014 ICBA, Coalition: Retailers Pointing Fingers, Not Taking Responsibility NewsWatch Today
02/10/2014 ICBA: Merchants Should Help Community Banks Cover Fraud Losses NewsWatch Today
02/07/2014 ICBA Details Data Breach Impact on Community Banks for Congress NewsWatch Today
02/06/2014 ICBA, Coalition: Retailer Claims on Data Breaches Misleading NewsWatch Today
02/05/2014 Protecting Consumer Information: Can Data Breaches Be Prevented? Written Statement
02/05/2014 Data Security Joint Memo to Congress
02/04/2014 The National Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (H.R. 3696) Letter to Congress
02/04/2014 ICBA: Costs of Data Breaches Should Be Borne by Responsible Parties NewsWatch Today
02/03/2014 New Data Breach Hits More Than 40 Companies NewsWatch Today
02/03/2014 “Privacy in the Digital Age: Preventing Data Breaches and Combating Cybercrime” Hearing Industry Letter to Congress
02/03/2014 ICBA Urges Costs of Data Breaches to Be Borne by Responsible Parties News Release
01/31/2014 ICBA Advocates Effective Data-Security Laws NewsWatch Today
01/28/2014 ICBA Provides Tips for Consumers on Data Privacy Day News Release
01/28/2014 ICBA Supports Bill Offering Safe Harbor from New Data-Security Regs NewsWatch Today
01/28/2014 CFPB Issues Consumer Advisory on Retailer Data Breaches NewsWatch Today
01/27/2014 ICBA Offers Q&A, Audio Call Recording on Retail Security Breaches NewsWatch Today
01/27/2014 Support for Data Security Act of 2014 (S. 1927) Letter to Congress
01/24/2014 ICBA Offers Q&A, Audio Call Recording on Retail Security Breaches NewsWatch Today
01/22/2014 ICBA Outraged at National Retail Federation Letter Blaming Banks for Retail Data Breaches News Release
01/17/2014 ICBA Urges Congress to Enhance Incentives for Securing Consumer Data News Release
01/17/2014 Data Breach Considerations Letter to Congress
10/29/2013 Privacy Notice Modernization Act of 2013 (S. 635) Industry Letter to Congress
04/17/2013 yber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (H.R. 624) Industry Letter to Congress
03/21/2013 Joint Trades Support Letter Privacy Notices Modernization Industry Letter to Congress
02/21/2013 The Eliminate Privacy Notice Confusion Act (H.R. 749) Letter to Congress
12/04/2012 Support for the Eliminate Privacy Notice Confusion Act (H.R. 5817) Letter to Congress
04/16/2012 Confidential Treatment of Privileged Information Letter to Regulators
05/31/2011 Michaels Breach is Warning on the Durbin Amendment Op Ed
05/29/2007 Proposed Interagency Model Privacy Disclosure Forms Letter to Regulators
05/29/2007 ICBA Calls New Federal Plan for Financial Privacy Notices “A Step in the Right Direction” News Release
05/02/2007 ICBA Supports Congressional Efforts on Data Security News Release
04/19/2007 ICBA Commends Reps. Marshall and Roskam for Advancing Privacy Notice Exemption Measure News Release
08/25/2006 FFIEC Provides More Info on Authentication Guidance IWR
06/30/2006 Data Security Bill Introduced in Senate WWR
05/26/2006 Committees Mark Up Each Other’s Data Security Bills WWR
04/14/2006 Agencies Develop Prototype Short-Form Privacy Notice WWR
03/31/2006 House Committees Advance Data Security Bills WWR
03/29/2006 ICBA Statement on Proposed Data Security Legislation News Release
02/10/2006 Dugan Lays Out Recommendations On Privacy Notices, Data Security WWR
11/15/2005 Financial Data Protection Act of 2005 Letter to the Hill
10/07/2005 ICBA Applauds House Data Security Bill News Release
07/29/2005 Data Security Spotlight Continues WWR
07/05/2005 ICBA Speaks Out on Data Security News Release
06/03/2005 FDIC Approves Rule on Medical Privacy WWR
08/20/2004 ICBA Says Affiliate Marketing Rule Needs Fine Tuning WWR
08/12/2004 FACT Act Affiliate Marketing Rule Letter to Regulators
07/23/2004 Disposal of Consumer Information Letter to Regulators
05/28/2004 Fair Credit Reporting Medical Information Regulations Letter to Regulators
04/09/2004 Agencies to Rule on Medical Info and Credit WWR
04/02/2004 ICBA Supports Optional Short Form Privacy Notice WWR
03/30/2004 ICBA Files Letter on Privacy Amendments News Releases
03/29/2004 Alternative Forms of Privacy Notices Letter to Regulators
01/30/2004 "Clear & Conspicuous Disclosures" Letter to Regulators
12/05/2003 Short Form Privacy Notice Possible WWR
08/15/2003 California Privacy Compromise Disadvantages Community Banks WWR
07/11/2003 Regulators Consider Short-Form Privacy Notice WWR
02/11/2003 Privacy Burden: FDIC Letter to Regulators
02/11/2003 Privacy Burden: OCC Letter to Regulators
02/11/2003 Privacy Burden: OTS Letter to Regulators
02/15/2002 Consumer Brochure on Privacy WWR
12/14/2001 Agencies Issue Q&A on Privacy Rule WWR
01/26/2001 OCC, FDIC Offer Privacy Compliance Help WWR
12/22/2000 GLB Regulatory Year Goes Out With a Bang: Privacy WWR
09/18/2000 OTS Privacy Preparedness Check-Up Link
09/08/2000 Privacy Laws and Regulations Link
08/01/2000 Fast Facts on Consumer Privacy RulesAccess Restricted Compliance Brochure
06/01/2000 Privacy of Consumer Financial Information Link
12/24/1999 The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999: GLB Act Sets New Privacy Standards WWR
05/07/1999 OCC Issues Web Site Privacy Guidance WWR
04/09/1999 OCC Issues Guidance on Fair Credit Privacy Compliance WWR
OCC Privacy Preparedness Advisory Letter Link
FDIC Privacy Rule Handbook Link
ICBA Privacy Statement Privacy Statement
FTC Privacy Guidelines Link
FTC Final Rule on Privacy of Consumer Financial Information Link
OCC Privacy Preparedness Questionnaire Link

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