Date Title Publication
07/23/2015 Survey: Compliance Costs Surge in Past Five Years NewsWatch Today
02/07/2014 Standards for Assessing Diversity Policies and Practices Industry Letter to Regulators
02/06/2014 Joint Standards for Assessing Diversity Policies and Practices Industry Letter to Regulators
01/14/2014 How Prospective and Current Homeowners Will Be Affected by the CFPBs Qualified Mortgage Rule Testimony
01/14/2014 ICBA Testifies Before Congress on Need to Limit Negative Impact of New Mortgage Rules News Release
11/21/2013 ICBA Thanks House Committee for Passing Measures to Update CFPB Rulemaking News Release
11/20/2013 ICBA Supports Changes to CFPB Final Rule Combining Mortgage Disclosure Forms News Release
11/13/2013 Industry Request to Delay Implementation of the Ability to Repay/Qualified Mortgage (QM) Rules Industry Letter to Regulators
10/09/2013 Request to Extend the Mandatory Compliance Deadline for the Consumer Mortgage Rules Letter to Regulators
09/13/2013 ICBA: CFPB Should Expand on Mortgage Rule Accommodations to Minimize Impact on Community Bank Customers News Release
09/12/2013 New Mortgage Rules Jeopardize Access to Credit Testimony
05/09/2012 Rising Regulatory Compliance Costs and Their Impact on the Health of Small Financial Institutions Testimony
04/27/2012 Qualified Mortgage Industry Letter to Regulators
09/28/2011 Reg D Interim Final Rule Letter to Regulators
08/01/2011 Industry Letter on Credit Risk Retention Proposed Rule (Qualified Residential Morgages) Industry Letter to Regulators
06/17/2011 Industry Letter on Regulation Q Letter to Regulators
05/13/2011 Proposal to Repeal Regulation Q Letter to Regulators
02/28/2011 Regulation Z Letter to Regulators
02/17/2009 Final Credit Card and Overdraft Protection Rules ICBA Summary
10/06/2006 Regulators Issue Nontraditional Loan Guidance IWR
06/23/2006 Fed Clarifies Credit Card Use by Bank Employees WWR
04/21/2006 FDIC Updates Compliance Exam Procedures WWR
01/13/2006 OFAC Announces Risk-Based Compliance for Banks WWR
05/07/2004 Bills Introduced to Overturn OCC Preemption WWR
04/23/2004 New Overtime Rules Issued WWR
04/23/2004 ICBA Calls for Regulatory Burden Reduction WWR
02/06/2004 ICBA Asks Fed to Withdraw "Clear and Conspicuous" Proposal WWR
01/28/2004 Congressional Review of OCC Preemption Testimony
01/16/2004 ICBA Raises Concerns About FACT Act Effective Dates WWR
01/09/2004 OCC Finalizes Controversial Preemption Rules WWR
12/12/2003 NY AG Spitzer Blasts OCC Preemption Proposal WWR
12/12/2003 FCRA Reauthorization: Some Key Facts About the FACT Act WWR
10/10/2003 Do Not Call Saga Continues WWR
10/03/2003 ICBA Comments on Anti-tying Proposal WWR
10/03/2003 Don't Run Afoul of Do Not Call WWR
08/08/2003 NFCC "Do-Not-Call" Rule Applies to Banks WWR
06/27/2003 New Approach to FDIC Compliance Exams WWR
05/30/2003 Fed Issues HMDA Transition Guidance WWR
04/11/2003 Plan to Create Guaranteed Mortgage Package Comes Under Fire WWR
04/04/2003 Fed Revises Reg Z Commentary WWR
02/21/2003 Fed Adopts Changes to Reg B WWR
Joint Association Letter to CFPB Asking for More Compliance Time Regarding Mortgage Rules

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