Date Title Publication
07/01/2014 Agencies Release List of CRA Community Development Areas NewsWatch Today
08/30/2010 CRA Regulation Hearings Letter to Regulators
07/26/2010 Community Reinvestment Act Regulations Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Letter to Regulators
07/19/2010 Community Reinvestment Act Testimony
07/30/2009 Proposed Amendments to CRA Letter to Regulators
03/09/2009 Proposed Interagency Q & A Regarding Community Reinvestment LEtter to Regulators
02/22/2008 ICBA Pushes CRA for Credit Unions IWR
02/13/2008 Implementation of The Community Reinvestment Act Testimony
09/10/2007 Proposed Updates to Interagency Guidance on CRA Letter to Regulators
09/10/2007 ICBA Supports Regulatory Plan to Update CRA; Calls for Banking Agencies to Make Some Changes Letter to Regulators
01/22/2007 CRA - Interagency Uniformity Letter to Regulators
06/07/2006 Interagency Q&A on CRA Letter to Regulators
04/07/2006 ICBA Files Comments on “CRA Sunshine” WWR
04/04/2006 Disclosure and Reporting of CRA-Related Agreements Letter to Regulators
03/10/2006 Agencies Update CRA Guidance WWR
02/10/2006 CRA Credit Available for All Banks for Hurricane Investments WWR
01/10/2006 ICBA Supports Proposed CRA Guidance News Release
01/06/2006 ICBA Supports Proposed CRA Guidance WWR
01/04/2006 Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment Letter to Regulators
12/02/2005 Agencies Offer Guidance on Revised CRA Rules WWR
08/26/2005 Agencies Adopt CRA Exam Procedures for Intermediate Small Banks WWR
05/10/2005 Community Reinvestment Act Regulations Letter to Regulators
05/10/2005 ICBA Urges Streamlined CRA Exams News Release
04/26/2005 H.R. 749 Suggests Need for CRA Coverage for Credit Unions Letter to the Hill
02/25/2005 CRA Round Three: FDIC, OCC Issue New Proposal WWR
02/23/2005 ICBA Statement on FDIC/OCC Small Bank CRA Proposal News Release
01/28/2005 ICBA Strongly Supports OTS CRA Proposal WWR
01/28/2005 Frank Says Don't Rewrite CRA, Just Enforce It WWR
01/24/2005 Proposed Changes to the Community Reinvestment Act Letter to Regulators
01/24/2005 ICBA Strongly Supports OTS CRA Proposal News Release
10/20/2004 ICBA Letter on FDIC CRA Proposal Letter to Regulators
10/18/2004 Joint Letter on FDIC CRA Proposal Letter to Regulators
09/07/2004 CRA Letter to Regulators
09/04/2004 The Truth About CRA
08/16/2004 FDIC CRA Proposal Will Provide Reg Burden Relief; Would Set Up Three-Tiered SystemAccess Restricted Banker Update
08/01/2004 FDIC CRA Proposal Provides Relief WWR
07/21/2004 OTS, FDIC Are Targets of Community Ire Over CRA WWR
07/21/2004 FDIC Seen Siding With OTS on CRA WWR
06/07/2004 Support for Small Bank CRA Proposal Letter to Regulators
06/02/2004 Streamlining CRA Letter to the Hill
05/21/2004 Democratic Senators Oppose CRA Proposal WWR
05/07/2004 FDIC's Reich Defends CRA Proposal WWR
04/09/2004 ICBA Files Letter on Streamlined CRA Exams WWR
04/06/2004 Community Reinvestment Act Regulations Letter to Regulators
01/23/2004 Agencies Propose CRA Relief for Small Banks WWR
01/20/2004 Agencies' CRA Proposal Banker Alert
01/17/2003 OCC Proposes Simplifying Public Welfare Investments WWR
09/20/2002 ICBA-Grant Thornton Study Shows Larger Community Banks Burdened by CRA Examinations WWR
CRA Sunshine

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