Capital Adequacy

Date Title Publication
07/23/2015 ICBA Backs Senate Bill Supporting Community Bank Access to Capital NewsWatch Today
07/22/2015 ICBA Backs Senate Bill Supporting Community Bank Access to Capital News Release
07/21/2015 Fed Approves ICBA-Backed Capital Surcharges for Eight Largest Megabanks NewsWatch Today
07/20/2015 ICBA Supports Fed Rule Requiring Stronger Capital Levels at Megabanks News Release
07/14/2015 Letter Supporting the Community Bank Capital Clarification Act (H.R. 2987) Letter to Congress
07/10/2015 Governor Brainard Discusses Systemic Risk, TBTF and Basel III NewsWatch Today
06/24/2015 Farm Credit Reopens Comment Period on Proposed Capital Rules NewsWatch Today
06/18/2015 ICBA-Backed Bill Helps S-Corps Raise Capital NewsWatch Today
06/17/2015 Agencies Revise Capital Rules for Largest Banks NewsWatch Today
06/10/2015 ICBA: Basel Plan on Interest Rate Risk Should Apply to Largest Banks NewsWatch Today
06/09/2015 Basel Committee Proposes Rules for Interest Rate Risk NewsWatch Today
06/09/2015 ICBA Statement on Basel Committee Proposal on Interest Rate Risk News Release
05/01/2015 Tarullo: Let’s Simplify Capital Rules for Community Banks NewsWatch Today
04/23/2015 National Credit Union Administration Risk-Based Capital Letter to Regulators
03/23/2015 ICBA Supports Community Bank Access to Capital Act of 2015 News Release
03/23/2015 Support for the Community Bank Access to Capital Act of 2015 (H.R. 1523) Letter to Congress
03/09/2015 Risk-Based Capital Guidelines: Implementation of Capital Requirements for Global Systemically Important Bank Holding Companies Letter to Regulators
03/03/2015 Regulatory Capital: Basel III and the Standardized Approach Policy Resolution
03/03/2015 Community Bank Access to Capital Priority Policy Resolution
02/23/2015 Small Bank Holding Company Policy Statement; Capital Adequacy of Board-Regulated Institutions Letter to Regulators
12/22/2014 ICBA Letter to FCA on Regulatory Capital Letter to Regulators
12/19/2014 ICBA Applauds Signing of Law to Improve Community Bank Access to Capital News Release
12/19/2014 ICBA Questions and Answers for Small Bank Holding Company Policy Statement Summary
12/09/2014 ICBA Supports Capital Surcharge on Megabanks News Release
11/12/2014 Industry Letter on Market and Consumer Impact of the Treatment of Mortgage Servicing Assets under Basel III Industry Letter to Regulators
09/19/2014 Supervisory Guidelines for Identifying and Dealing with Weak Banks Letter to Regulators
07/22/2014 ICBA Responds to FDIC Guidance on Basel III Capital Conservation Buffer for S-Corps News Release
06/12/2014 Proposed Revisions to the Supplementary Leverage Ratio Letter to Regulators
05/28/2014 Prompt Corrective Action—Risk Based Capital Letter to Regulators
05/21/2014 Support for the Community Bank Mortgage Servicing Asset Capital Requirements Study Act of 2014 (H.R. 4042) Letter to Congress
05/20/2014 Treatment of Mortgage Servicing Assets in Regulatory Capital Letter to Regulators
03/25/2014 Comment Letter to the SEC on Regulation A Proposal Letter to Regulators
02/20/2014 ICBA: Capital Conservation Buffer Threatens Ability of Many Community Banks to Raise Capital News Release
02/19/2014 Implementation of the Capital Conservation Buffer Letter to Regulators
01/30/2014 Liquidity Coverage Ratio Letter to Regulators
10/22/2013 ICBA Supports Proposed Supplementary Leverage Ratio Capital Standards for Largest Megabanks NewsWatch Today
10/21/2013 Regulatory Capital, Enhanced Supplementary Leverage Ratio Standards for Certain Bank Holding Companies and Their Subsidiary Insured Depository Institutions Letter to Regulators
07/11/2013 ICBA Summary Final Rule on Basel III ICBA Summary
07/09/2013 ICBA Strongly Supports Proposed Supplementary Leverage Ratio Capital Standards for Largest Megabanks News Release
07/02/2013 ICBA: Tiered Regulatory Capital Approach Essential for Community Banks to Support Main Street News Release
06/28/2013 Support for the Determination of Appropriate Risk-Based Capital Requirements for Community Financial Letter to Congress
05/02/2013 Support for the Basel III Commonsense Approach for Small Entities Act (S. 731) Letter to Congress
04/24/2013 In Support of H.R. 1693, Basel III Exemption Letter to Congress
11/29/2012 ICBA Testifies: Exempt Community Banks from Basel III News Release
11/14/2012 ICBA Repeats Call for Community Bank Exemption from Basel III News Release
11/13/2012 Basel III Should Exempt Community Banks Written Statement
11/13/2012 Basel III Concerns Letter to Congress
10/29/2012 Nearly 15,000 Sign Petition to Exempt Community Banks from Basel III Rules News Release
10/22/2012 Joint Proposals for the Implementation of Basel III Letter to Regulators
10/22/2012 ICBA: Exempt Community Banks from Basel III Proposal News Release
10/03/2012 ICBA Backs State Regulators’ Opposition to Basel III Proposal News Release
09/14/2012 ICBA Supports FDIC Director’s Call for Regulators To Modify Basel III News Release
07/24/2012 Proposed Rulemaking on Minimum Regulatory Capital and the Standardized Approach for Risk-weighted Assets Letter to Regulators
07/13/2012 ICBA Raises Basel III Concerns in Meeting with Fed Officials News Release
06/18/2012 Interagency Risk-Based Capital Proposals Impact on Community Banks Summary
12/01/2011 Spurring Job Growth Through Capital Formation While Protecting Investors Written Testimony
08/03/2011 Proposed Rule to Require Large Bank Holding Companies to Submit Capital Plans Letter to Regulators
08/01/2011 Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Capital Framework Letter to Regulators
02/28/2011 Advanced Risk-Based Capital Adequacy Standards Letter to Regulators
10/01/2010 Basel Committee’s Proposal to Ensure the Loss Absorbency of Regulatory Capital at the Point of Non-Viability Letter to Regulators
09/23/2010 Basel III Fact Sheet Fact Sheet
04/16/2010 Proposal to Strengthen the Resilience of the Global Banking Sector Letter to Regulators
07/01/2009 Capital Adequacy Guidelines: Treatment of Subordinated Securities Issued to the U.S. Treasury under EESA Letter to Regulators
10/27/2008 Basel II Standardized Framework Letter to Regulators
09/12/2008 Capital Plans Letter to Regulators
09/09/2008 Temporary Capital Relief Letter to Regulators
01/29/2008 ICBA Asks Federal Banking Regulators to Expedite Basel Proposed RulemakingAccess Restricted News Release
11/01/2007 ICBA Statement Concerning the Basel II Final Rule News Release
07/20/2007 ICBA Statement on Basel II Agreement News Release
07/18/2007 ICBA Applauds Basel II Statement of Senators Dodd and Shelby News Release
06/29/2007 ICBA Urges Congress to Retain Safeguards in New Risk-Based Capital Rules News Release
06/28/2007 Basel II & Safety and Soundness Letter to the Hill
05/07/2007 ICBA CEO Speaks Out on Basel II News Release
03/26/2007 Revisions to Basel IA Letter to Regulators
03/26/2007 Basel II Proposal Letter to Regulators
02/26/2007 ICBA Praises FDIC Chairman’s Remarks Concerning Basel II News Release
12/15/2006 Agencies Issue Basel IA Proposal IWR
11/29/2006 Request to Extend Comment Periods on Basel II Letter to Regulators
09/26/2006 Basel Capital Accord Update Written Statement
09/26/2006 ICBA Raises Community Bank Concerns, Offers Alternatives to Basel II Plans News Release
09/22/2006 ICBA Messages on CRE and Basel Well Received IWR
09/14/2006 A Review of Regulatory Proposals on Basel Capital and Commercial Real Estate Testimony
09/14/2006 A Review of Regulatory Proposals on Basel Capital and Commercial Real Estate Oral Statement
09/14/2006 ICBA Raises Community Bank Concerns, Offers Alternatives to CRE and Basel II Plans News Release
08/11/2006 September Hearing Planned on CRE Guidance and Basel WWR
06/09/2006 Directors’ Agreement Provisions Need Clarification WWR
04/07/2006 Federal Reserve Issues Basel II Proposal WWR
03/10/2006 Stringent FHLB Capital Rule Proposed WWR
03/03/2006 Basel II Study Indicates a Significant Drop in Capital WWR
01/19/2006 ICBA Supports Revision of Basel I Capital Rules Urges Regulators to Examine ‘Competitive Disparities’ News Release
01/13/2006 ANPR on Revising Basel 1 Capital Rules Letter to Regulators
01/06/2006 Last Chance to Provide Your Basel 1A Feedback WWR
12/02/2005 Fed Governor Bies Comments on Controversial Basel Study WWR
11/10/2005 ICBA Commends Senate Banking for Its Oversight of Basel Capital Accords News Release
11/10/2005 The Development of New Basel Capital Accords Testimony
11/07/2005 Small Bank Holding Company Policy Statement Letter to Regulators
10/07/2005 Agencies Issue Proposal to Revise Basel I WWR
10/06/2005 ICBA Supports Revising Basel I News Release
10/04/2005 ICBA Applauds Revised Basel II Plan News Release
09/30/2005 ICBA Criticizes Changes to NCUA's RegFlex Program WWR
09/30/2005 House Subcommittee Reviews Status of Basel II WWR
09/29/2005 ICBA Opposes Lower Capital Standards for Credit Unions News Release
09/28/2005 ICBA Commends Congressional Oversight of Basel Capital Rules News Release
09/28/2005 Current Status of Basel II Testimony
09/27/2005 Proposal to Amend the Capital Requirements for the RegFlex Program Letter to Regulators
09/09/2005 NUCA Proposes Lower Capital Requirements for RegFlex Program WWR
07/29/2005 Regulators Hold Roundtable on Basel I Changes WWR
06/29/2005 Basel I Capital Accord Letter to Regulators
05/11/2005 ICBA: Basel II Capital Accord Should Be Delayed Until Impact Understood News Release
05/11/2005 Basel II: Capital Changes in the U.S. Banking System and the Results of the Impact Study Testimony
04/15/2005 Fed Releases Study on Basel II Impact on Mortgage Market WWR
03/04/2005 Fed Issues Final Trust Preferred Rule WWR
03/02/2005 ICBA Applauds Federal Reserve for Final Rule on Trust Preferred Securities News Release
01/14/2005 Basel II Study Shows Competitive Inequality WWR
07/13/2004 ICBA Commends Federal Reserve's Trust Preferred Proposal News Release
07/11/2004 Risk-Based Capital Standards: Trust Preferred Securities and the Definition of Capital Letter to Regulators
05/21/2004 Basel Committee Reaches Agreement WWR
05/14/2004 Fed Proposes Capital Rules on Trust Preferred Securities WWR
05/07/2004 ICBA Applauds Fed on Trust Preferred Proposal News Release
03/05/2004 Fed Issues Studies on Basel II WWR
01/02/2004 ICBA Urges Fed to Continue Trust Preferred Capital Treatment WWR
12/12/2003 FDIC Study Heightens Concern About Basel II Capital Accord WWR
11/07/2003 ICBA Raises Concerns about Competitive Equity under Basel II WWR
11/05/2003 ICBA to Agencies: Ensure Competitive Equity Under Basel II News Release
11/03/2003 Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding Risk-Based Capital Guidelines: Implementation of the New Basel Capital Accord Letter to Regulators
07/18/2003 Agencies Seek Comment on Basel II WWR
06/20/2003 Proposed Basel II Capital Rules 'Overkill' for Community Banks, ICBA Says WWR
06/19/2003 The New Basel Accord-In Search of a Unified U.S. Positions Testimony
04/11/2003 Regulators Defend Narrow Applicability of Basel II WWR
01/17/2003 FDIC Offers Guidance on Basel Capital Rules WWR
07/20/2001 ICBA Comments on Basel Capital Proposal WWR
ICBA Securities Advisory: What is the Future of Trust Preferred Securities
Examining the Impact of the Proposed Rules to Implement Basel III Capital Standards

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