Bank Secrecy Act/Money Laundering

Date Title Publication
05/04/2016 Summary of Customer Identification Program (CIP) Guidance for Holders of Prepaid Cards Summary
03/08/2016 Bank Secrecy Act and Enforcement Policy Resolution
10/03/2014 Proposed Amendments to the Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”) Regulations Letter to Regulators
10/03/2014 Proposed Amendments to the Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”) Regulations Letter to Regulators
07/31/2014 ICBA Statement on Treasury Department’s Anti-Money Laundering Proposal News Release
05/04/2012 Customer Due Diligence Requirements for Financial Institutions Letter to Regulators
01/09/2012 AML and SAR Requirements for GSEs Letter to Regulators
12/16/2011 Proposal to Include Tangible Prepaid Access Devices When Reporting International Transportation of Currency and Monetary Instruments Letter to Regulators
11/15/2011 BSA Required Electronic Filing Letter to Regulators
12/28/2010 Cross-Border Electronic Transmittals of Funds Letter to Regulators
08/27/2010 Stored Value Letter to Regulators
02/19/2010 FinCEN’s Final Rule Broadening Scope of Section 314(a) Information Sharing with Law Enforcement Summary
09/09/2009 Definitions and Other Regulations Regarding Money Services Businesses Letter to Regulators
06/08/2009 Confidentiality of Suspicious Activity Reports Letter to Regulators
06/08/2009 Clarifying Confidentiality Requirements and Sharing Suspicious Activity Reports by Depository Institutions with Certain U.S. Affiliates Letter to Regulators
03/09/2009 Proposed Move of BSA Regulations to New Chapter in the Code of Federal Regulations Letter to Regulators
01/18/2009 Fin Cen Final Rule on Currency Transaction Reporting Exemptions ICBA Summary
06/20/2008 Currency Transaction Report Exemptions Rule & Form Amendments Letter to Regulators
05/08/2008 The SAR Activity Review: Trends Tips & Issues Link

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