Date Title Publication
05/05/2015 FASB Proposes Accounting Standards Update on Certain Prepaid Cards NewsWatch Today
04/08/2015 FASB Requires Change in Reporting Debt Issuance Costs NewsWatch Today
03/03/2015 Accounting/Auditing Priority Policy Resolution
02/24/2015 Proposed Accounting Standards Update, Financial Instruments—Credit Losses Letter to Regulators
11/03/2014 Industry Letter on PCAOB Staff Consultation Paper on Auditing Fair Value Estimates Industry Letter to Regulators
12/18/2013 ICBA Delivers Petition Opposing Costly Accounting Proposal News Release
12/16/2013 Industry Letter Opposing the Financial Accounting Standards' Current Expected Credit Loss Model Proposal Industry Letter to Regulators
12/11/2013 Proposed Auditing Standards for Public Companies Letter to Regulators
09/23/2013 Conclusive Presumption of Worthlessness of Debts Letter to Regulators
09/12/2013 Proposed Changes to Lease Accounting Letter to Regulators
07/08/2013 Support for the Audit Integrity and Job Protection Act (H.R. 1564) Letter to Congress
06/18/2013 Support for the Audit Integrity and Job Protection Act (H.R. 1564) Letter to Congress
05/30/2013 Proposed Accounting Standards Update: Financial Instruments—Credit Losses Letter to Regulators
05/15/2013 Proposed Accounting Standards Update: Financial Instruments—Overall (Subtopic 825-10), Recognition and Measurement of Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities Letter to Regulators
03/27/2013 Comment Extension on Proposed Accounting Rules Letter to Regulators
10/31/2012 Private Company Decision-Making Framework Letter to Regulators
01/13/2012 Private Company Standards Improvement Council Letter to Regulators
09/29/2011 Concept Release on Possible Revisions to PCAOB Standards Related to Reports on Audited Financial Statements Letter to Regulators
07/25/2011 Adoption of International Accounting Standards Letter to Regulators
04/08/2011 Supplementary Document on Impairments Letter to Regulators
10/12/2010 Ohio Community Banker Voices Concerns Over FASB Accounting Proposal at Yesterday's Meeting News Release
09/30/2010 Comprehensive Income Letter to Regulators
09/16/2010 Industry Letter Requesting the Withdrawal of the Revised FAS 5 Standards Industry Letter to Regulators
09/01/2010 Fair Value Letter to Regulators
09/01/2010 ICBA Urges FASB to Withdraw Exposure Draft Proposal on Accounting Standards News Release
11/17/2009 Perlmutter-Lucas Amendment on Accounting Standards During a Systemic Financial Crisis Letter to Congress
10/12/2009 Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures Letter to Regulators
04/02/2009 ICBA Applauds FASB Accounting Changes News Release
04/01/2009 OTTI Accounting Fix Letter to Regulators
04/01/2009 ICBA Supports Proposed Accounting Changes News Release
03/12/2009 ICBA Urges Changes to Accounting StandardsAccess Restricted News Release
03/12/2009 Mark-to-Market Accounting Testimony
03/09/2009 Industry Letter on Mark-to-Market Accounting Letter to the Hill
02/12/2009 Industry Letter on Fair Value Accounting Letter to Regulators
12/30/2008 EITF 99-20-a Letter to Regulators
11/14/2008 ICBA: Fair Value Accounting Unfair for Community Banks News Release
11/13/2008 Mark-to-Market Accounting Letter to Regulators
10/08/2008 Suspend Use of SFAS 157 Letter to Regulators
07/23/2008 Fair Value Accounting Standards Letter to Regulators
02/01/2008 ICBA Concerned about FDIC’s Proposed Amendments to Independent Audit and Reporting Rules News Release
01/31/2008 Independent Audits and Reporting Requirements Letter to Regulators
07/12/2007 Proposed Rules Relating to An Audit of Internal Control Over Financial Reporting That is Integrated with an Audit of Financial Statements Letter to Regulators
12/15/2006 Regulators Issue Revised ALLL Guidance IWR
12/08/2006 Proposed Statement 133 Implementation Issue Letter to Regulators
11/17/2006 New ALLL Guidance Coming IWR
09/08/2006 2006 FASAC Survey Letter to Regulators
08/15/2006 ICBA Supports FASB-AICPA Plan to Examine Ways to Improve Private Company Accounting News Release
08/14/2006 Enhancing the Accounting and Reporting Standard Setting Process for Private Companies Letter to Regulators
08/04/2006 ICBA Urges FASB to Halt Split-Dollar Accounting Guidance News Release
08/04/2006 Accounting for Deferred Compensation and Postretirement Benefit Aspects of Endorsement Split-Dollar Life Insurance Arrangements Letter to Regulators
06/30/2006 Bank Regulators Plan New Reserve Guidance WWR
06/16/2006 SEC’s Glassman Says GAAP Too Complex WWR
06/09/2006 ICBA Asks FASB to Drop Loan Participation Issue WWR
06/06/2006 Loan Participations Letter to Regulators
06/02/2006 Will FASB Drop Loan Participations Project? WWR
03/17/2006 FASB to Issue Fair Value Measurement Statement WWR
02/10/2006 Final Guidance Issued on Auditor Liability WWR
12/02/2005 New Allowance Proposed for Losses Disclosure WWR
10/28/2005 Business Combinations, a Replacement of FASB Statement No. 141 Letter to Regulators
10/12/2005 Accounting for Loan Participations Letter to Regulators
09/16/2005 Annual Independent Audits and Reporting Requirements Letter to Regulators
08/31/2005 2005 Annual FASAC Survey Letter to Regulators
06/10/2005 Unsafe and Unsound Use of Limitation of Liability Provisions and Certain Alternative Dispute Resolution Provisions in External Audit Engagement Letters Letter to Regulators
06/03/2005 AICPA Backs Study of Private Company Accounting Rules WWR
05/20/2005 PCAOB Issues Guidance on Internal Control Audits WWR
05/16/2005 ICBA Welcomes New Auditing Guidance News Release
04/15/2005 FASB to Issue Exposure Draft on Loan Participations WWR
01/28/2005 FASB "Compromises" on Loan Participations WWR
01/14/2005 New Internal Control Guidance Planned for Small Companies WWR
11/01/2004 ICBA Raises Concerns Over FASB Proposal News Release
10/29/2004 The Meaning of Other-Than-Temporary Impairment and Its Application to Certain Investments Letter to Regulators
10/22/2004 Regulators Issue Additional Guidance on Basel II WWR
09/02/2004 Fair Value Measurements Letter to Regulators
08/31/2004 2004 Annual FASAC Survey Letter to Regulators
08/26/2004 The Meaning of Other-Than-Temporary Impairment and Its Application to Certain Investments Letter to Regulators
08/20/2004 Does GAAP Work for Private Companies? WWR
08/06/2004 Loan Participations to Remain Sales WWR
05/28/2004 FASB Holds Roundtable on Loan Participations WWR
05/21/2004 ICBA to FASB: Don't Change Loan Participation Accounting WWR
05/19/2004 Loan Participations and the Issue of Setoffs Letter to Regulators
05/14/2004 Panel Preserves Stock Option Plans WWR
04/08/2004 Proposed Audit Standards Regulation Letter to Regulators
04/02/2004 Agencies Provide Guidance for Deferred Comp, BOLI WWR
03/24/2004 Wisconsin Community Banker Appointed to FASB Advisory Committee News Release
02/20/2004 New FASB Rules May Threaten Loan Participations WWR
10/10/2003 Bank Regulators Oppose Loan Loss Proposal WWR
08/29/2003 AICPA Proposes Firmer Allowance Guidance WWR
08/15/2003 Agencies Issue Rules on Auditor Debarment WWR
05/30/2003 New SEC Rules on Internal Control Reports WWR
04/25/2003 FASB Clears Loan Purchase Accounting Rule WWR
04/04/2003 SEC Issues Final Audit Committee Rule WWR
03/21/2003 Agencies Revise Internal Audit Guidance WWR
03/07/2003 Powell Addresses Economic Growth, Corporate Governance WWR
01/24/2003 FASB Moves Allowance Proposal Forward WWR
01/24/2003 SEC Issues Final Auditor Independence Rule WWR
Summary of Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Accounting and Corporate Responsibility)

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