Tax Relief & Budget

Date Title Publication
07/20/2015 Letter Supporting Extension of Tax Provisions Letter to Congress
07/09/2015 Senate Finance Committee Tax Working Group Reports Released NewsWatch Today
06/08/2015 Lettering Expressing Concern About an Onerous Revenue Provision Included in the Trade Preferences Extension Act (H.R. 1295) Letter to Regulators
05/14/2015 Tax Subsidies For Credit Unions and the Farm Credit System Letter to Congress
04/15/2015 ICBA Letter Supporting Tax Reform Principles Letter to Congress
04/14/2015 2015 PassThrough Principles Industry Letter to Congress
03/23/2015 Thank You for Introducing the Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015 (H.R. 1105) Letter to Congress
03/03/2015 Tax Policy Policy Resolution
02/10/2015 Industry Letter Supporing Legislation Designed to Improve Tax Certainty for Subchapter S Corporations Industry Letter to Congress
12/03/2014 Extension of Expired Tax Provisions Letter to Congress
11/18/2014 Industry Letter Urging Congress to Enhance or Make Permanent Expired and Expiring Tax Provisions Industry Letter to Congress
11/13/2014 Regulatory and Tax Relief for Community Banks Letter to Congress
07/01/2014 Comprehensive Reform to the Federal Tax Code Letter to Congress
06/10/2014 Industry Letter Opposing "Buffett Tax" Industry Letter to Congress
05/14/2014 Support for the Expiring Provisions Improvement Reform and Efficiency (EXPIRE) Act Letter to Congress
04/02/2014 Support for the Expiring Provisions Improvement Reform and Efficiency (EXPIRE) Act Letter to Congress
02/26/2014 ICBA Statement on House Ways and Means Committee Tax-Reform Proposal News Release
02/26/2014 Industry Letter Opposing the Imposition of Any Arbitrary New Tax on Financial Institutions Industry Letter to Congress
02/25/2014 Support for Comprehensive Tax Reform ( Letter to Congress
07/26/2013 Tax Code Reform Industry Letter to Congress
05/15/2013 Ways and Means Committee Small Business Tax Reform Discussion Draft Letter to Congress
07/26/2012 Long-Run Macroeconomic Impact of Increasing Tax Rates on High-Income Taxpayers in 2013 Study by Ernst & Young LLP
07/26/2012 Tax Study Hightlights Summary
07/25/2012 Extension of Expiring Tax Rates Industry Letter to Congress
07/24/2012 Industry Letter on Estate Tax Industry Letter to Congress
07/23/2012 Proposed Expansion of Member Business Lending Authority for Credit Unions Letter to Congress
05/03/2012 Industry Letter Opposing Increase in Payroll Taxes on S Corporations and Partnerships Industry Letter to Congress
12/07/2011 Industry Letter on Main Street Tax Provisions ( Industry Letter to Congress
11/04/2011 Oppose New Financial Transactions Tax (H.R. 3313) Letter to Congress
11/04/2011 Oppose New Financial Transactions Tax (S. 1787) Letter to Congress
10/12/2011 Industry Letter on Tax Reform Principles Industry Letter to Congress
09/21/2011 Bank Tax Opposition Letter Letter to Regulators
05/11/2011 Joint Letter on Business Tax Reform Joint Letter to Congress
04/04/2011 1099 Repeal Joint Letter to Congress
03/02/2011 Industry Letter Supporting H.R. 4 (1099 requirement) Industry Letter to Congress
02/15/2011 1099 Repeal Industry Letter to Congress
11/10/2010 ICBA Tax Extenders Letter Letter to the Hill
10/28/2010 Tax Extenders Letter to Congress
10/12/2010 Industry Letter on Estate Tax Relief Industry Letter to Congress
10/01/2010 Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee Letter to Congress
09/09/2010 Industry Letter on IRS Form 1099 Reporting Requirements Letter to Congress
09/09/2010 Industry Letter on Impact of Pending Tax Hikes Industry Letter to Congress
06/08/2010 Tax Extenders Legislation Letter to Congress
04/28/2010 Payroll Tax on S Corp Banks Joint Letter to Congress
04/16/2010 Estate Taxes Industry Letter
03/03/2010 Industry Letter Supporting Permanent Estate Tax Reform Letter to Congress
02/25/2010 Opposition to Any Financial Services Industry Tax or Fee Letter to Congress
11/09/2009 Joint Letter on the Estate Tax Relief Act of 2009 (HR 3905) Letter to Congress
07/15/2009 Economic Recovery: Tax Stimulus Items that Benefitted Small Business with a Look Ahead Testimony
05/20/2009 Net Operating Loss Tax Relief Letter to Regulators
02/20/2009 Key Tax, Financial & Small Business Provisions of the Stimulus Plan ICBA Summary
10/29/2008 S Corps and BIG Tax Letter by 4 Senators to House and Senate Leadership
09/16/2008 Urgent Tax Action Needed Letter to Hill
07/23/2008 Industry Support for Built-In Gains Tax Relief Letter to the Hill
06/05/2008 The Housing Crisis: Identifying Tax Incentives to Stimulate the Economy Testimony
04/07/2008 Joint Letter Supporting Homebuyer Tax Credit Letter to the Hill
02/13/2008 Repeal of the Estate Tax Letter to President Bush
01/18/2008 ICBA's 9-Point Economic Stimulus Plan
11/02/2007 Tax Action Heats Up IWR
12/15/2006 Congress Finishes on Tax-Cut Note IWR
12/01/2006 ICBA Opposes IRS Proposed Regulation IWR
09/22/2006 Time Running Out on Tax Bill IWR
08/11/2006 ICBA Victory on Key Savings Reforms WWR
08/04/2006 ICBA-backed Estate and Pension Bills Down to Wire WWR
07/28/2006 Congress Works to Advance Estate Tax, Pension Reform WWR
06/30/2006 Senate Seeking Elusive Estate Tax Vote WWR
06/23/2006 House Passes Compromise Permanent Estate Tax Relief WWR
06/23/2006 IRS Issues Guidance on Refund of Phone Tax WWR
06/23/2006 IRS Introducing New Bank Account Verification Process WWR
06/09/2006 Senate Fails to Advance Estate Tax Action WWR
06/02/2006 Urge Senators to Act on Estate Tax WWR
05/12/2006 ICBA-Backed Tax Relief Set for Final Passage WWR
05/05/2006 Tax Update WWR
04/07/2006 ICBA Pressing for Senate Action on Estate Tax WWR
03/24/2006 Fighting for Enhanced Savings Incentives WWR
02/17/2006 Tax Relief Bill Advances to Conference WWR
02/17/2006 Tax Roundup WWR
02/10/2006 New FY 2007 Budget to Preserve Tax Relief WWR
11/03/2005 Review of the Credit Union Tax Exemption Testimony
10/28/2005 Hearing to Shine Light on Credit Union Tax Exemption WWR
10/28/2005 Tax Reform Panel to Release Recommendations November 1 WWR
09/30/2005 ICBA Delivers Specific Tax Recommendations for Hurricane Relief and Recovery WWR
08/26/2005 Big Recess Push Needed for CFA Co-Sponsors WWR
08/26/2005 New CRS Study Questions Credit Union Tax Exemption WWR
08/26/2005 New IRS Rule on Valuation of Annuity Contracts Involved in IRA Conversions WWR
08/05/2005 Brownback, Inhofe, Roberts Introduce CFA in Senate WWR
08/05/2005 Estate Tax Relief Waiting Senate Vote WWR
08/05/2005 Continue Push for CFA Co-Sponsors WWR
07/29/2005 ICBA Presents Community Bank Views in White House Visit WWR
07/29/2005 Lawmakers Head Home for August Recess WWR
07/15/2005 Senate Estate Tax Vote Pending WWR
06/03/2005 Momentum Builds for Communities First Act WWR
05/27/2005 URGENT ALERT!
Push for CFA Co-Sponsors During Recess
05/20/2005 ICBA Tells Congress Reg Relief Needed NOW WWR
05/20/2005 ALERT! Push for CFA Co-Sponsors During Memorial Day Break WWR
05/19/2005 ICBA Testifies on Regulatory Relief at House Hearing Committee News Release
05/19/2005 Financial Services Regulatory Relief: Private Sector Perspectives Testimony
05/03/2005 Communities First Act Summary
04/15/2005 ICBA-Backed Estate Tax Bill Passes WWR
02/25/2005 ICBA Backs Estate Tax Relief Bills WWR
01/28/2005 Senate's Top Agenda Tax Heavy WWR
08/27/2004 ICBA & Iowa Independent Bankers Back Grassley's Tax Reform Efforts WWR
06/25/2004 ICBA Commends Rep. Sam Johnson for Bill to Boost Savings Options News Release
04/02/2004 Agencies Provide Guidance for Deferred Comp, BOLI WWR
03/05/2004 Credit Union Tax Exemption Comes Under Fire in Congress WWR
02/27/2004 Snow Showers Praise on Credit Unions' Tax Exemption, Business Lending WWR
10/22/2003 COLI and BOLI Letter to the Hill
05/30/2003 WWR
03/21/2003 ICBA Applauds Chairman Grassley for Rural Tax Relief Efforts News Release
01/24/2003 ICBA Releases Comprehensive Federal Tax Options Study News Release
01/24/2003 Community Bank Tax Relief and Simplification Options - Full Study
01/24/2003 Community Bank Tax Relief and Simplification Options - Top 10 Tax Fixes
01/24/2003 Community Bank Tax Relief and Simplification Options - Executive Summary
01/07/2003 Working Inside the Bush Tax Plan WWR
01/03/2003 ICBA Works for Community Bank Tax Relief in 2003 WWR

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