Subchapter S



Date Title Publication
06/26/2015 ICBA Advocates Bill Helping S-Corps Raise Capital NewsWatch Today
06/18/2015 ICBA-Backed Bill Helps S-Corps Raise Capital NewsWatch Today
02/10/2015 Industry Letter Supporing Legislation Designed to Improve Tax Certainty for Subchapter S Corporations Industry Letter to Congress
09/18/2014 Support for Sections 502 and 503 of Division I the Jobs for America Act (H.R. 4) Letter to Congress
07/22/2014 ICBA Responds to FDIC Guidance on Basel III Capital Conservation Buffer for S-Corps News Release
06/11/2014 Industry Letter Supporting the S Corporation Permanent Tax Relief Act of 2014 Industry Letter to Congress
04/15/2013 Support of the S Corp Modernization Act (H.R. 892) Industry Letter to Congress
05/03/2012 Industry Letter Opposing Increase in Payroll Taxes on S Corporations and Partnerships Industry Letter to Congress
04/28/2010 Payroll Tax on S Corp Banks Joint Letter to Congress
01/28/2010 Joint Letter Opposing Applying Payroll Taxes to Non-Wage Income Letter to Congress
01/20/2010 Industry Letter on S Corp Modernization Act Industry Letter to Congress
01/14/2009 ICBA Thanks Treasury for Including Subchapter S Banks in TARP Capital Purchase ProgramAccess Restricted News Release
10/29/2008 S Corps and BIG Tax Letter by 4 Senators to House and Senate Leadership
07/23/2008 Industry Support for Built-In Gains Tax Relief Letter to the Hill
06/18/2008 S-Corps: Recommended Reforms That Promote Parity, Growth and Development for Small Businesses Testimony
05/23/2008 Industry Letter Supporting the S Corp Modernization Act of 2008 Letter to the Hill
05/29/2007 President Signs ICBA-Crafted Tax Relief into Law News Release
05/18/2007 Small Business Tax Relief and Reforms Letter to the Hill
04/25/2007 ICBA Commends Small Business Tax Package Compromise; Helpful Subchapter S Tax Relief Preserved News Release
04/12/2007 Subchapter S Reforms Letter to the Hill
02/28/2007 Subchapter S Reforms Letter to the Hill
01/17/2007 ICBA Statement on Senate Finance Committee’s Small Business and Work Opportunity Act of 2007 News Release
12/01/2006 ICBA Opposes IRS Proposed Regulation IWR
11/22/2006 Proposed Regulation on Subchapter S Letter to Regulators
04/21/2006 IRS to Provide Additional S Corporation Guidance WWR
12/02/2005 IRS Guidance on S Corporation Family Shareholder Election WWR
07/29/2005 ICBA-Backed Sub S Fix in Tax Bills WWR
01/07/2005 ICBA-Enacted Subchapter S Laws at Work WWR
10/12/2004 Summary of the key Subchapter S Reforms in H.R. 4520
09/15/2004 Subchapter S Tax Reforms Letter to the Hill
06/04/2004 ICBA Praises Passage of Important Lobbying Requests for Community Bankers WWR
05/26/2004 Letter to the Hill
05/21/2004 ICBA Presses to Preserve Subchapter S Reforms WWR
05/19/2004 ICBA Letter to Chairman Oxley Letter to the Hill
05/14/2004 Bankers Urged to Press for Subchapter S Reforms WWR
05/14/2004 ICBA Letter to House Ways & Means Chairman Thomas Letter to the Hill
10/31/2003 Subchapter S Reform Passes Key Committee WWR
10/31/2003 Subchapter S Reform Letter to the Hill
10/29/2003 Subchapter S Reform Letter to the Hill
10/28/2003 ICBA Praises Action on Subchapter S Reform News Release
09/29/2003 Subchapter S Reforms Letter to the Hill
08/29/2003 Subchapter S Reforms Letter to the Hill
08/11/2003 American Jobs Creation Act of 2003 Letter to the Hill
06/19/2003 S Corporation Reforms Testimony
Background Information for H.R. 4520
List of Conferees for American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 H.R. 4520
Joint Trade Association Letter on the American Jobs Creation Act (H.R. 4520)
Subchapter S in American Jobs Creation Act
Coalition Letter on S Corporations
Senate Finance Committee 108th Congress, Second Session
House Ways and Means Committee 108th Congress
Explanation of Provisions in H.R. 2896 The American Jobs Creation Act of 2003

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