Strengthening Memberships


  • ICBA, the nation’s exclusive voice for community banks, represents community banks of all sizes and types. ICBA is dedicated to maintaining the highest value membership available for community banks.
  • Through regionally positioned Member Relationship Officers, banker-to-banker recruiting, segmented marketing, and exceptional member benefits, ICBA is growing its strong membership base.


To help build a stronger trade association, ICBA explains its distinct, multifaceted membership benefits to all community bankers through effective communications and information distribution. ICBA’s communications and outreach efforts articulate to members and non-members ICBA’s focus on finding positive solutions for community bankers’ legislative and regulatory concerns, enhancing community banks’ franchise value in the marketplace by providing competitive products and services, and top-notch education.

ICBA builds stronger relationships with new and existing members through a variety of outreach programs and its regional member relationship officers, who visit with senior bank management to better understand individual banks’ needs and explore solutions.

Staff Contact: John McNair