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Last update: 10/21/14

Letters to Congress Archive

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October 2008

10/30/08 House and Senate Leadership TARP Congressional Oversight Panel (PDF)
10/02/08 House Support for Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (PDF)
10/01/08 Senate ICBA Urges the Senate to Promptly Pass H.R. 1424 (PDF)

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September 2008

09/29/08 House ICBA Urges Prompt Passage of Financial Rescue Plan (H.R. 3997) (PDF)
09/26/08 House and Senate ICBA Urges Congress to Enact Legislation to Address Financial Crisis (PDF)
09/23/08 House and Senate Industry Letter Opposing the Inclusion of Bankruptcy Changes in the Mortgage-Market Stabilization Plan (PDF)
09/23/08 House and Senate Leadership Extension of National Flood Insurance Program (PDF)
09/22/08 House Industry Letter Opposing the Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights Act (PDF)
09/16/08 Senators Baucus & Grassley, Representatives Rangel & McCrery and Treasury Secretary Paulson Urgent Tax Action Needed (PDF)
09/15/08 Senators Dodd & Shelby Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Conservatorship (PDF)

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August 2008

08/29/08 Rep. Frank Hope for Homeowners Program (PDF)

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July 2008

07/30/08 Reps. Frank and Bachus Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights Act (H.R. 5244) (PDF)
07/23/08 House and Senate Leadership Industry Support for Built-In Gains Tax Relief (PDF)
07/10/08 The Honorable Leland A. Strom Chairman Frank, House Financial Services Members, Oppose FCS Expansion Proposal (PDF)
07/07/08 Senators Baucus and Grassley Industry Support for Crapo Amendments to H.R. 3221 (PDF)

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June 2008

06/24/08 Rep. Frank Financial Institution Regulatory Relief Legislation (H.R. 6312) (PDF)
06/03/08 Senators Dodd and Shelby Letter on Patent Legislation (PDF)

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May 2008

05/23/08 Senate Industry Letter Supporting the S Corp Modernization Act of 2008 (PDF)
05/21/08 Congress 2008 Farm Bill Override (PDF)
05/14/08 Senate Letter Supporting the Federal Housing Finance Regulatory Reform Act of 2008 (PDF)
05/14/08 Congress Joint Letter Opposing the Credit Card Fair Fee Act (H.R. 5546) (PDF)
05/13/08 Congress Joint Letter on the 2008 Farm Bill (PDF)
05/07/08 House Financial Services and Tax Committees H.R. 3221 (PDF)
05/06/08 Congress Oppose the Miller-LaTourette Amendment to the Housing Bill (PDF)

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April 2008

04/29/08 Senator Rockefeller FHLBank Letters of Credit (PDF)
04/28/08 House of Representatives Vote NO on the Credit Union Regulatory Relief Act of 2008 (H.R. 5519) (PDF)
04/23/08 Senate Finance Committee Coalition for Fairness in Tax Compliance Letter on Electronic Payments Reporting (PDF)
04/08/08 House Ways and Means Committee Joint Letter on H.R. 2091 (PDF)
04/07/08 House Joint Letter Opposing Sanders Amendment to H.R. 3321 (PDF)
04/07/08 Reps. Rangel and McCrery Joint Letter Supporting Homebuyer Tax Credit (PDF)

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March 2008

03/31/08 Senate Joint Letter to Oppose Legislation to Change the Treatment of Mortgages During Bankruptcy (PDF)
03/12/08 Senate Judiciary Committee Joint Letter Opposing Changes to Treatment of Mortgages During Bankruptcy (PDF)

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February 2008

02/15/08 Senators Reid and McConnell Joint Letter Opposing Bankruptcy Provision (PDF)
02/12/08 House Industry Letter Opposing H.R. 5244 (PDF)
02/08/08 Senate Banking Committee Joint Letter on Dodd Discussion Draft (PDF)
02/04/08 Rep. Velazquez Extension of SOX 404 Requirements for Non-Accelerated Filers (PDF)

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January 2008

01/30/08 Rep. Frank and Sen. Dodd Joint Letter Supporting FHA Reform (PDF)
01/23/08 House Joint Letter Opposing H.R.3609 (PDF)

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