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ICBA Policy Resolutions for 2015
Track III: Education and Communication



  • ICBA provides timely, high-quality educational programs and services designed to promote community bank growth and prosperity.


Successful community bankers know that continuing education is critical to a secure, productive and profitable future in an evolving industry that faces new challenges every day. In 2014, ICBA was an important resource for more than 38,000 bankers who enhanced their skills by capitalizing on ICBA’s educational offerings. Investing in education helps community banks nationwide increase profits and better understand and comply with complex banking regulations.

Through diverse delivery systems, ICBA offers annually a comprehensive array of professional development and continuing education seminars, and educational products that help community bankers successfully overcome the ever-changing challenges of the banking industry.

In 2014, ICBA offered more than 40 seminars, conferences and schools instructed by industry professionals who are routinely recognized for their high level of expertise within the banking industry. In addition to on-site training, ICBA offers low-cost self-paced online training (24/7) on timely topics that save community bankers both time and travel.

To assist the banking industry in maintaining a high level of competency in critical areas of internal audit, compliance, BSA/AML, security, technology and lending, ICBA has developed seven certification institutes that require attendees to meet predetermined qualifications to attain their certification. The certification institutes continue to receive high marks from the regulators, plus all ICBA educational programs qualify for continuing professional education credits. More than 600 bankers were certified through ICBA programs in 2014.

ICBA continued in 2014 its wide ranging menu of educational programs for community bank directors. The Bank Director Program delivered online and classroom instruction to more than 13,000 community bank directors across the country. The program includes special workshops, in-depth conferences, online courses, a bimonthly newsletter and discounts on products. ICBA’s online training offer in 2014 had over 1,455 banks take 204,681 courses. 

ICBA continues to expand its professional development programs, including seminars, online courses, audio conferences, webinars, publications/deskbooks, video training programs, certification programs and newsletters to promote more flexible options that support lifelong learning for all employees within community banks.

Staff Contact: Lindsay LaNore

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