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Basel III capital standards take effect in 2015 for community banks. Learn about how your bank will be impacted.

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Important Documents:

Key Changes to Final Rule:

  • Community banks will have the option to exclude AOCI from inclusion in bank capital
  • Risk weights will continue at their current levels for residential mortgages
  • TruPS will continue to be grandfathered in bank capital in accordance with the Collins Amendment

Featured Issues:

Date Title Publication
08/06/2012 Read the Joint Proposed Rules Summary
06/18/2012 Interagency Risk-Based Capital Proposals Impact on Community Banks Summary Summary
03/04/2014 Risk Based Capital Rules; Basel II and III Priority Policy Resolution
03/04/2014 Community Bank Access to Capital Priority Policy Resolution

NewsWatch Articles:

Date Title  
04/07/2015 Regulators Issue Basel III FAQs on Community Bank Questions  
03/03/2015 Regulatory Capital: Basel III and the Standardized Approach  
03/02/2015 Agencies Hold Firm on Basel III Mortgage-Servicing Provisions  
12/13/2014 ICBA Supports FCA Basel III Capital Proposal  
11/19/2014 FDIC Revises Capital Ratios for Assessment System  
11/12/2014 ICBA: Restore Pre-Basel III Rules on Mortgage Servicing  
05/23/2014 ICBA Backs Exemption, Delay of Basel III Mortgage-Servicing Rules  
05/22/2014 ICBA Backs Bill Requiring Delay, Study of Basel III Mortgage-Servicing Rules  
05/21/2014 ICBA: Don’t Drive Community Banks Out of Mortgage Servicing  
05/16/2014 House Members Echo ICBA Basel III S-Corp Concerns  
05/14/2014 House Members Raise S-Corp Concerns on Basel III Following ICBA Letter  
05/12/2014 Former FDIC Chair Takes on Mark-to-Market, Basel III  
03/10/2014 OCC Issues Interim Rule Making Basel III Amendments  
12/09/2013 Fed Issues Final Rule on Market Risk Capital and Basel III  
11/21/2013 FDIC Issues Alert on Basel III Regulatory Capital Estimation Tool  
11/20/2013 Agencies Release Basel III Regulatory Capital Estimation Tool for Community Banks  
10/02/2013 Agencies Expected to Release Basel III Calculator This Month  
09/24/2013 Fed Issues Interim Final Rules on Incorporating Basel III  
09/24/2013 FDIC’s Gruenberg: Basel III Rule Responds to Community Bank Concerns  
08/07/2013 FDIC Hosting Teleconference for Community Banks on Capital Rule  
08/02/2013 FDIC Clarifies Basel III Rules for Community Banks  
08/02/2013 FDIC Hosting Teleconference for Community Banks on Capital Rule  
07/23/2013 Recording of ICBA Basel III Audio Call Available  
07/19/2013 ICBA Posts Summary of Basel III Capital Rules  
07/18/2013 FDIC Hosting Regional Meetings on Basel III Rule  
07/15/2013 ICBA Hosting Another Basel III Audio Call This Week  
07/11/2013 ICBA Hosting Audio Call Next Week on Basel III  
07/11/2013 ICBA’s Fine: Basel III, Leverage Ratio Capitalize on Tiered Regulation  
07/10/2013 Regulators Advance Basel III, Propose Megabank Leverage Rules  
07/10/2013 FDIC Planning Community Bank Outreach on Capital Rules  
07/09/2013 Basel Panel Seeks Feedback on Risk Sensitivity, Simplicity in Capital Rules  
07/09/2013 FDIC Voting Today on Supplementary Leverage Ratio, Basel III  
07/09/2013 Basel Report: Large Banks Differ on Risk Assessment  
07/09/2013 Basel Committee Proposes New Capital Rules for Equity Investments  
07/03/2013 Fed Approves Basel III Rules with Community Bank Exemptions  
07/03/2013 FDIC Meeting Tuesday on Basel III, Comptroller Pledges Signature  
07/02/2013 Fed Approves Final Basel III Capital Rules  
07/02/2013 Fed Voting on Basel III Capital Rules Today  
07/01/2013 ICBA Supports Bill To Require Basel III Impact Study  
06/19/2013 Basel III Final Rules Expected in Coming Weeks  
11/14/2012 ICBA Submitting Comments for Basel III Hearing  
11/13/2012 Senate Banking Announces Hearing on Impact of Basel  
11/13/2012 Agencies Declare Delay in Basel III Implementation  
11/05/2012 Latest Headlines Highlight ICBA Basel Push  
10/31/2012 Basel III Petition News Coverage  
10/30/2012 Nearly 15,000 Sign ICBA’s Basel III Petition  
10/29/2012 Congressional Groundswell Rising Against “One Size Fits All” Basel Proposals  
10/24/2012 ICBA Basel Push Makes News  
10/24/2012 Curry: Regulators Will Consider Community Bank Basel Concerns  
10/23/2012 ICBA Urges Community Bank Exemption from Basel III  
10/22/2012 Today is the Deadline for Basel III Comments  
10/17/2012 State Community Bankers Association Joins Basel III Chorus  
10/16/2012 Use ICBA's Custom Basel III Op-Ed  
10/15/2012 ICBA Offers Custom Basel III Op-Ed  
10/11/2012 Basel III Letters, Signatures Key as Deadline Looms  
10/10/2012 ICBA Chairman, President Urge Basel III Action  
10/09/2012 ICBA Meets with Senate Panel on Basel III  
10/09/2012 Less Than Two Weeks for Basel III Comment Letters, Signatures  
10/04/2012 State Bank Regulators Oppose Basel III Proposal  
10/04/2012 Basel III Comment Letters, Petition Signatures Urgent  
10/03/2012 ICBA Continues Basel III Push  
10/01/2012 Senators Seek Basel Exemptions for Community Banks  
09/27/2012 Op-Ed Outlines Basel III Damage on Community Banks  
09/26/2012 IMF: Basel Proposals May Drive Consolidation  
09/25/2012 Agencies Issue Basel III Calculator  
09/18/2012 ICBA Magazine Breaks Down Basel III  
09/17/2012 ICBA Backs Hoenig Call for Basel III Modification  

Press Releases:

Date Title  
06/09/2015 ICBA Statement on Basel Committee Proposal on Interest Rate Risk  
07/22/2014 ICBA Responds to FDIC Guidance on Basel III Capital Conservation Buffer for S-Corps  
10/22/2013 ICBA Supports Proposed Supplementary Leverage Ratio Capital Standards for Largest Megabanks  
07/09/2013 ICBA Strongly Supports Proposed Supplementary Leverage Ratio Capital Standards for Largest Megabanks  
07/02/2013 ICBA: Tiered Regulatory Capital Approach Essential for Community Banks to Support Main Street  
11/29/2012 ICBA Testifies: Exempt Community Banks from Basel III  
11/14/2012 ICBA Repeats Call for Community Bank Exemption from Basel III  
10/29/2012 Nearly 15,000 Sign Petition to Exempt Community Banks from Basel III Rules  
10/22/2012 ICBA: Exempt Community Banks from Basel III Proposal  
10/03/2012 ICBA Backs State Regulators’ Opposition to Basel III Proposal  
09/14/2012 ICBA Supports FDIC Director’s Call for Regulators To Modify Basel III  
07/13/2012 ICBA Raises Basel III Concerns in Meeting with Fed Officials  
06/12/2012 ICBA Raises Concerns with Proposed Capital Standards  

Letters to Regulators:

Date Title  
11/12/2014 Industry Letter on Market and Consumer Impact of the Treatment of Mortgage Servicing Assets under Basel III  
05/20/2014 Treatment of Mortgage Servicing Assets in Regulatory Capital  
02/19/2014 Implementation of the Capital Conservation Buffer  
10/22/2012 Joint Proposals for the Implementation of Basel III  
08/01/2012 Basel III OCI Unsolicited Comments  
07/24/2012 Proposed Rulemaking on Minimum Regulatory Capital and the Standardized Approach for Risk-weighted Assets  


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