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Last update: 10/22/14

Prior Approval Form

As dictated by Federal Election Laws, in order to solicit the eligible (non-hourly) employees (executive or administrative personnel, directors or shareholders) of an ICBA Member Bank, ICBPAC must seek and obtain prior written approval of the member bank. Any bank representative with whom ICBA regularly conducts business can provide their signature on this Prior Approval Form. Once ICBPAC has received a signed Prior Approval Form, ICBPAC or the bank may conduct the solicitation.

A bank may provide prior approval to only one federal PAC per year, but this approval in no way prevents you from participating in your state PAC. Approval may be provided for up to five years at a time.

I hereby authorize ICBPAC to solicit voluntary contributions from the executives, administrative personnel and directors of my company/bank for the following years. Please note that ICBPAC will not directly contact or solicit your employees or directors without your additional written consent.



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