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The Voice of Community Banking in Washington

Local ownership, individualized customer service, and personal credit decisions are industry hallmarks of the more than 6,500 community banks across the nation, distinguishing them from the competition and making them natural partners of Main Street America.

Community banks have fought hard to earn a sterling reputation for outstanding customer service, smart banking practices and commitment to their communities. But the campaign is not over. Be Heard stands ready to protect that reputation as an advocacy network created by and on behalf of the community banking industry.

Whether a community bank CEO, employee, customer or board member; you are a friend of Main Street. Be Heard is your primary source for community bank advocacy tools and resources. Let Congress and the regulatory agencies know that community banks are critical to the prosperity of Main Street America.



ICBPAC, a top financial advocacy political action committee, contributed $1.8 million to federal candidates for the 2011-12 election cycle, strengthening the community banking industry’s reputation in Washington. Supported by thousands of community bankers, ICBPAC is a vital part of Be Heard.

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