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ICBA brings you the most comprehensive and flexible financial services solutions available. Designed and managed exclusively for community bankers, these programs —offered by ICBA Bancard



ICBA represents the interests of community banks in Washington by monitoring federal activities that affect community banks and their customers. ICBA has a broad reach with lawmakers, regulators and policy-setting boards and, through work with these bodies, ensures that the needs of community bankers are heard and met.

2012 Policy Resolutions


These ICBA resolutions, approved by the Policy Development Committee and the Board of Directors, broadly describe the association’s major policy objectives for 2012-2013. They also describe association products, services and programs that help keep community banks strong and competitive. These resolutions are designed to provide policy guidance for ICBA officers and staff, and general policy direction for standing committees, councils and task forces.


These resolutions reflect ICBA's core principles: Community banks support fair competition in financial services; support the separation of banking and commerce; believe in a balanced financial system that does not favor any segment of the financial services sector; support the dual banking system; and oppose the concentration of economic and financial services resources. Community banks create symbiotic relationships with the communities they serve; favor local decision making while adhering to the highest business practices and ethical standards; and support a democratically governed association where each member bank has a voice and a vote.


ICBA Priorities For 2012