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Audio: Future of Risk Management: Everyone's Job! (WAV)

Recorded: November 13, 2012

Length: 60 Minutes

Over the past 15-20 years the role of banks has shifted from being "financial intermediaries"-matching depositors with borrowers-to being "risk intermediaries". This evolution has left many institutions lagging as they haven't recognized the change or taken the necessary actions to adapt to the new reality. Regulators, on the other hand, are more and more defining "Safety and Soundness" as the ability to actively manage this new world of risk. Their term - Enterprise Risk Management - clearly demonstrates their belief that Risk Management is the job of everyone in the institution. This audio conference is not about the "what" of ERM, the technical terms and fine details. It provides more of a "how" to deal with ERM issues, how to start building an ERM approach that will fit your institution's needs. The session will address:

  • What is ERM and why should I care?
  • The key risks to be addressed under ERM.
  • A recommended process for addressing ERM.
  • Tools/resources for handling ERM issues.

Risk has always been everyone's job, but the regulators are turning that into an explicit requirement. This session will bring you up to speed on developing ERM tactics for your institution ("How Do We Do ERM Here?").

Presenter: Jeff Judy, Jeff Judy and Associates

Jeff has devoted more than thirty years to exploring relationships between financial service providers and their customers. That experience has convinced me that both the provider and the user of financial services benefit from deep knowledge and a thorough understanding of how that interaction works, and from knowing what goals, concerns, and methods command the attention of both sides of the relationship.

1 CPE Credit

Program Level: Basic-Intermediate

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